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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 82 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
How Hard Do You Think Of Leaving Your Relationship?
Relationships are becoming very difficult to bear. That’s mostly because women want more freedom and more respect from men. They have become more demanding, almost as demanding as men when it comes to relationships. Another thing is that men seem to be less sophisticated and colder nowadays. Overall, fewer people seem to put enough efforts to make a relationship work nowadays. So, it may seem for you that you, all of the sudden, feel the urge to just leave the relationship. So, do you feel like leaving now? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How many times have people told you to leave your relationship before?

A. More than once

B. Every time you complain about the relationship

C. Sometimes

D. Never

2. How many times have the police been called because of a fight between you two?

A. Many times

B. Only once

C. Just last week

D. Never

3. How many times have you thought of leaving your relationship?

A. Three times

B. More than five times

C. Twice

D. Never

4. Has your lover ever asked you to leave them alone?

A. Yes.

B. Only when you've done something really bad

C. Only when they are busy with work

D. No, it has never happened to you

5. Have you ever told your lover that you wanted to leave?

A. Yes, you say that all the time

B. Yes, but only when you are really mad at them

C. Yes, it happened when you thought you were in love with someone else

D. No, you would never do that

6. Have you ever been advised by your partner's relatives to leave their sibling alone?

A. Yes, several times

B. Yes, it was last year

C. Yes, a few years ago but they like you now

D. No, they trust you too much to ask you such a thing

7. How happy are you about the relationship?

A. Very happy

B. Just happy, nothing more

C. Happy but it could get better

D. You are very unhappy

8. How unhappy are you with your relationship, and why?

A. Very unhappy

B. Not that unhappy

C. You haven't thought about that yet

D. You've never been unhappy about it

9. If you ever left, will you ever want to come back?

A. No way!

B. Yes, of course

C. No, because it would have been for a very good reason

D. No, because it would simply mean that you need a break

10. What would be the biggest reason for you to ever leave your relationship?

A. Lack of money

B. Lack of common goals

C. Too much toxicity

D. Lack of intimacy

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