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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 44 | Updated: Mar 31, 2022
 Is Your Relationship Worth Keeping?  Quiz
Here is - Is your relationship worth keeping quiz! Is your relationship worth shedding tears for, or is it time to call it quits? Should I remain, or should I leave? Knowing whether a relationship can be saved or whether it is time to walk away can be confusing and overwhelming! Is it worthwhile to put in extra effort, or is it a lost cause? This test will assist you in determining the best course of action to take. To find out, take this quiz right now!

Questions Excerpt

1. When we're not with each other...

A. I'm concerned that my partner will flirt or cheat

B. I'm not concerned about my partner cheating or flirting with other people

C. It occurs to me that my partner might cheat or flirt with others

2. When we're out in public together..

A. I'm proud to be with my partner

B. I believe my partner should be proud to be with me

C. I find myself looking around at others, wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else

3. When it comes to our financial situation...

A. We have separate accounts and pay our own bills separately

B. We have joint accounts and frequently disagree about how much to spend or save

C. We have joint accounts, but I save more than my partner or he saves more than I do

4. When I'm with my partner, I usually feel...

A. I feel good about myself and want to be the best that I can be

B. I'm lonely as if I'm just a prop or unimportant

C. That's fine; I enjoy being around my partner

5. Outside of the relationship, we have friends, but...

A. We spend more time with my partner's friends than with mine, or with my friends than with my partners

B. They have their friends, and I have mine; we often spend time with friends apart from each other

C. We have a group of friends with whom we spend time

6. If a friend revealed a secret to my partner

A. I'd have to know what it was, and I'd pester my partner until he told me

B. I'd inquire, but I'd respect my partner for not betraying his friend's trust

C. It would bother me because we are not supposed to keep secrets from one another

7. When it comes to our loved ones...

A. My family despises my partner, and my partner's family despises me

B. In general, we enjoy spending time with them

C. We make an effort not to spend too much time with them

8. We have disagreements...

A. One of us brings up a lot of old memories

B. I am always mistaken

C. We scream and yell at one another

9. When it comes to our long-term objectives...

A. We have a plan and are working together to make it a reality

B. We don't have any goals; we're just taking things day by day

C. We each have our own goals, which vary in some ways

10. We usually... on our days off from work

A. Have fun doing things together

B. Spend your time with others

C. Disagree on what we should do

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