Emotionally Destructive Marriage Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 156 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Emotionally Destructive Marriage Quiz
Do you love your husband and do your best to make your marriage work, and yet heartache and sadness have become constants for some reason? There are many emotionally destructive marriage markers, and so it helps to question the state of your marriage if you are unhappy. Emotionally abusive marriages are difficult to detect because there are no physical wounds that the abused carry. But these emotional wounds are highly destructive as they target a person's self-confidence, perception of reality, peace of mind, and overall sanity. Take this easy quiz and find out whether you are in an emotionally destructive marriage.

Questions Excerpt

1. When your spouse borrows money from you, they...

A. never return it.

B. always returns it.

2. During a disagreement, your spouse usually...

A. shouts and says that they would not have shouted if you had not provoked them.

B. tries to understand your point of view even though they disagree.

3. Has your spouse ever denied you sex for not fulfilling their wishes?

A. Yes

B. No

4. What does your spouse do if they see you crying?

A. They pretend not to see your distress and go to another room.

B. They immediately ask what has happened and try to comfort you.

5. If your spouse did not like your taste in music, or your hobbies, you would...

A. compromise and listen to the music that you both enjoy, but also set aside some time for listening to your music alone.

B. stop listening to that kind of music.

6. If your spouse offended you in any way, you would...

A. isolate for several hours or days, to avoid arguing completely.

B. demand an explanation from them and a sincere apology for hurting your feelings.

7. You remind your partner that they promised to clean the house for the party in your house. What would be their reaction?

A. They tell you that you blow up over nothing.

B. They apologize and explain that they’ve been overwhelmed at work. After that they start doing small things like making the table.

8. You speak with your friends and your spouse keeps interrupting. When you ask them politely not to do that anymore, they...

A. apologize and say that they were too excited before.

B. continue to interrupt until you stop communicating with your friends.

9. You complained that there is a lack of communication in your marriage. Your partner...

A. genuinely hears what you had to say and you discuss the problem together.

B. said that they could not see how that could be true and carried on with their usual activities.

10. You told your spouse that you bought several things, but that they did not cost so much. Your partner says:

A. “They are nice. I’m glad you got such a good deal.”

B. “You always end up wasting money. What you have bought is useless.”

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