Does My Husband Have Adhd Quiz

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Does My Husband Have Adhd Quiz
Does your husband sometimes seem distracted? Has his behavior led you to wonder, “Does my husband have ADHD? We all get distracted from time to time, but if distractibility starts to interfere with daily functioning and reduces the quality of relationships, ADHD may be to blame. By detecting the prHere, you can get an idea of whether your husband may be displaying symptoms of ADHD. Take this quiz and find out what is truly behind your husband’s behavior.

Questions Excerpt

1. How surprised would you be if your husband lost his debit card?

A. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. He loses his debit card all the time!

B. I’d be shocked. He is so careful with his wallet.

C. I wouldn’t be shocked; he loses his things from time to time

2. You tell your husband you need to work on taxes this weekend. How does he react?

A. He isn’t exactly excited about it, but he knows it’s necessary, and he agrees to get down to work.

B. He rolls his eyes and then spends most of the weekend trying to avoid the task.

C. He says he will help with taxes after the football game on Saturday, and after a reminder, he does sit down and help me.

3. How much does your husband talk through the course of a typical day?

A. He’s usually pretty quiet

B. He talks non-stop, all day!

C. He can have a conversation about something he’s interested in, but he doesn’t talk excessively.

4. Has your husband ever called you for help because he forgot his wallet at home?

A. He’d never forget his wallet at home!

B. Yes, this happens at least once a month, and it’s always a crisis.

C. This has happened once or twice, but it’s not a regular thing. 

5. How often do you feel like your husband doesn’t listen to you when you tell a story?

A. Every day!

B. From time to time

C. He always seems to listen

6. “It seems like he is always fidgeting or tapping his feet.” Does this describe your husband? rn 

A. This doesn’t sound like my husband at all.

B. This sounds exactly like my husband!

C. He is sometimes fidgety.

7. How often does your husband get in trouble at work for making careless mistakes?

A. Never or rarely

B. All the time!

C. On occasion

8. Would your husband ever butt into a conversation he isn’t a part of? 

A. Never! He would find this to be rude.

B. He might if he had something significant to say.

C. Yes, he often butts into conversations, to the point that it is embarrassing.

9. If you ask your husband to take out the trash, what is the most likely outcome?

A. He will do it right away

B. He will completely forget about it, and I’ll end up taking out the trash

C. He will eventually take out the trash, but I might have to remind him

10. How likely would your husband be to read quietly in his leisure time? 

A. He would NEVER do this; he doesn’t do anything quietly.

B. He might read quietly, but he’d probably prefer to do something outdoors.

C. He would be likely to do this; in fact, he has a book he’s into right now.

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