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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 574 | Updated: May 29, 2023
 Is My Husband on the Spectrum Quiz?

Autism can manifest in different ways in different individuals and the symptoms might range from mild to severe. For instance, some individuals on the autistic spectrum can seem to have blunt or brutally honest reactions, while others might behave awkwardly in social situations or find it tough to express their feelings to others.

For any reason, if you doubt that your husband is on the spectrum, you are at the right place. Take this meticulously crafted Is My Husband on the Spectrum Quiz to explore the possibility of autism in your husband.

Please note: The quiz results are indicative and are not an alternative to a medical diagnosis. Despite the outcome of this quiz, it is recommended you consult with your healthcare expert for a proper assessment and help your husband lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your husband prefer solitude over mingling with other people?

A. He mostly prefers to be alone

B. He loves mingling with people if he isn’t tired

C. He only mingles with people he is comfortable with

2. Does your husband get anxious in social situations?

A. Always!

B. Rarely/No

C. I am not sure

3. Do you often find your husband’s responses impolite or nasty?

A. Not at all

B. Sometimes

C. Always

4. Do you think your husband is oblivious to your feelings and emotions?

A. How do you know?

B. No

C. I am not sure

5. Does your husband find it difficult to express himself?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. At all times!

6. Do you two have quality conversations?

A. I don’t remember the last time we had one

B. I would love to believe that

C. What do you mean by quality conversations?

7. Does your husband get upset with any change in the routine?

A. No / Rarely, he is pretty flexible

B. Sometimes he gets very upset, at other times, he doesn’t react

C. He hates any kind of change in his routine

8. Does your husband get hurt or immensely disturbed by casual jokes or sarcastic comments?

A. Are you a mind reader?

B. He doesn’t express much

C. No, he cracks such jokes

9. Do you find your husband indulging in repetitive activities or behavioral patterns?

A. All the time

B. No, nothing as much

C. I am not sure

10. Has anyone ever pointed out that your husband could be on the spectrum?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I guess people some people tried to drop hints

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