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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 9415 | Updated: Sep 05, 2023
 Does My Husband Hate Me Quiz?

Curious about the vibes in your relationship? Step into a world of introspection with our revealing quiz, designed to shed light on the emotions and dynamics between you and your husband. If you've ever wondered about the unspoken sentiments, this quiz is your opportunity to explore them.

Uncover the insights you need, whether you're basking in the glow of a harmonious relationship or experiencing moments of doubt. Our carefully crafted questions will lead you to revelations about his feelings and actions. Remember, this quiz is a tool for reflection, not a definitive judgment.

With a few clicks, you'll receive a personalized result that offers clarity. Whether it's confirming the strength of your bond or pointing out areas that may need attention, this 'Doe My Husband Hate Me" quiz will empower you with the knowledge to take the next steps.

Questions Excerpt

1. What has prompted you to take this quiz?

A. I was just curious

B. There are times when I get the vibes that my husband hates me

C. I am sure he doesn’t like me and I just wanted to reconfirm

2. Does he care for you when you are unwell or when you need him otherwise?

A. Yes, always

B. Most of the time

C. No, he doesn’t bother at all

3. Do you still have romantic conversations with your husband?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

4. Do you sleep on the same bed as your husband?

A. Yes

B. Yes, but sometimes he does sleep on the couch when he is annoyed with me

C. Not anymore

5. How many times does your husband fight with you?

A. I have lost count

B. It’s not like we always fight, but sometimes he gets irritated for no good reason

C. We have arguments, but we don’t actually fight

6. Quiz: Does My Husband Hate Me?

A. He eagerly agrees and makes plans

B. He seems indifferent or reluctant

C. He frequently cancels or avoids such plans

7. How does your husband communicate with you after an argument?

A. He apologizes and discusses ways to resolve the issue

B. He gives you the silent treatment for a while

C. He dismisses the argument and avoids talking about it

8. When you share your achievements or good news, how does your husband typically respond?

A. He congratulates you and shows genuine happiness

B. He responds with a half-hearted acknowledgement

C. He seems disinterested and changes the topic

9. How does your husband react when you express your feelings or concerns about the relationship?

A. He listens attentively and tries to understand your perspective

B. He gets defensive or irritated by the conversation

C. He brushes off your feelings and changes the subject

10. How does your husband behave when you initiate physical affection, like hugs or kisses?

A. He responds warmly and reciprocates the affection

B. He lets you hug or kiss him but doesn't initiate it himself

C. He avoids physical affection and creates distance

11. How does your husband express his anger?

A. He yells at me

B. He just complains about what irked him

C. He rarely loses his calm. And, if something bothers him, he respectfully communicates the same

12. How good is your sex life?

A. There’s no sex life

B. I am not sure as it isn’t great, but it isn’t bad as well

C. It is fantastic

13. Do you think your husband complains about you to other people?

A. Yes, he does

B. It’s possible, but I am not sure

C. No

14. Does your husband misbehave with you or avoid talking to you in front of other people?

A. Yes, he treats me like I don’t exist or talks rudely

B. Not actually. Even if we fight, we don’t let it out in the open

C. No

15. Has your husband told you that he hates you?

A. Yes, he always does

B. Sometimes, but that’s only when he is too annoyed about something

C. No

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