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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1670
 Does My Ex Want Me Back Quiz?

Relationships can be complicated. You may break up with someone and want them back later or question if they want you back. If this represents your love life, take our quiz, "Does my ex want me back?" It will help determine if your ex wants you back or if you should keep searching for the right person. This quiz isn't about providing definitive answers but offering insights and perspectives to help you decipher those subtle signals. Sometimes you have to go back to move forward in your life. You may have already met the love of your life.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you and your ex still friends?

A. No, we don’t really talk anymore

B. We are still close friends, and we talk all the time

C. We are friends but not too close

2. Do you and your ex still spend time together?

A. No, I rarely see them

B. I occasionally see them, usually in groups

C. Yes, we still spend a considerable amount of time together

3. How did your ex react when you reached out recently?

A. They responded warmly and seemed excited to hear from me

B. They replied casually, showing some interest in the conversation

C. They were distant or took a long time to respond

4. Do you believe that your ex is still interested in you?

A. Yes, they still seem to be into me

B. No, I do think they care for me anymore

C. Potentially, they are hard to read

5. How often do you text or call your ex?

A. Very often, we talk daily from morning till we say goodnight

B. Not at all; I only talk to them when I have to

C. Occasionally, I talk to them when it naturally comes up

6. Have you noticed your ex making an effort to bring up shared memories or inside jokes?

A. No, we rarely discuss the past

B. They've mentioned some memories in passing

C. They frequently reference old memories and conversations, often with a nostalgic tone

7. When you see your ex, is there physical contact between the two of you?

A. Yes, we are constantly touching

B. No, we keep our distance

C. Off and on, we will occasionally touch one another

8. When you date other people, does your ex get jealous?

A. Sometimes, it depends on the person that I’m dating

B. No, they do not seem to care if I am dating someone

C. Yes, they get very jealous when they see me with other people

9. Does your ex still have your personal belongings at their place?

A. I have a shirt or two still at their place

B. They have a lot of my items at their house; it looks like I live there

C. There isn’t anything of mine at their place

10. Does your ex talk about you to your mutual friends?

A. No, my friends say that they do not bring me up or engage in conversation about me

B. My friends tell me that they talk about me all the time; it is constant

C. They occasionally talk about me; they bring me up in conversation every once and a while

11. Do they still engage with your social media posts?

A. Yes, they often like, comment, or react to my posts.

B. They occasionally interact with my posts, but it's not consistent.

C. No, they rarely or never engage with my social media activity.

12. How do they respond when you share your personal achievements with them?

A. They congratulate me enthusiastically and show genuine interest

B. They acknowledge my achievements but keep the conversation brief.

C. They seem disinterested or don't engage in conversations about my achievements.

13. Have they initiated contact with you since the breakup?

A. Yes, they've reached out to me multiple times

B. They've initiated contact once or twice but not consistently.

C. No, they haven't initiated contact since the breakup.

14. How do they respond when the topic of your past relationship comes up?

A. They get nostalgic and talk about our memories fondly.

B. They engage in the conversation but keep it light and casual.

C. They avoid the topic or seem uncomfortable discussing it.

15. How often do you catch them looking at you in group settings?

A. They frequently glance at me when they think I'm not looking.

B. I've noticed a few quick glances, but it's hard to interpret.

C. They rarely or never seem to look in my direction.

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