Does He Love Another Woman? Quiz

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Does He Love Another Woman? Quiz
Are you worried that your boyfriend/husband is drifting into the arms of another woman? Has there been conflict in your relationship or is it falling short? Are you concerned that you have driven him away to a woman that will meet his needs? You probably haven’t , but if he is cheating there is a way to find out. If any of these concerns relate to you, take our quiz “Does He Love Another Read more Woman?” and get the answers you need. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he talk about having a future with you?

A. He never talks about the future

B. He makes future plans with me about moving in and marriage

C. We have made some future plans but nothing too serious

2. Does he enjoy spending time with you and make you a priority?

A. He is constantly around and makes me feel wanted and loved

B. He spends more time with his friends than with me

C. He spends a moderate amount of time with me

3. Is he constantly texting and refuses to show you his phone or let you use it?

A. Yes, he always hides his phone and is very secretive

B. No, he lets me use his phone whenever

C. He allows me use his phone sometimes, but he clears everything before

4. Has he had a history of cheating before your relationship?

A. No, he has never disclosed if he has cheated in the past

B. Yes, he cheated in the past, and that’s how we got together

C. He did once or twice, but never since, I don’t think

5. Does he check out other girls in front of you?

A. He has but not usually

B. Yes, all the time. I hate it

C. No, never

6. Have you ever found make-up on him or smelled a perfume that wasn’t yours?

A. Yes, it has happened more than once

B. No, it has never happened

C. I have found something, but it didn’t worry me too much

7. Do you have sex regularly, or is he ‘not in the mood’?

A. We have passionate sex frequently

B. We don’t really have sex anymore. He never wants to

C. Our sex life has slowed down, but it is still active

8. Does he surround himself with other women?

A. No, most of his friends are men

B. Yes, he has many female friends, and talks to random women in public

C. Not really, however, he does have some female friends

9. Does he lie to you?

A. I have caught him in a lie, but it was small, and we resolved it

B. No, I don’t believe he lies to me

C. He lies constantly!

10. Does he take space away from you for long periods?

A. He will if he needs to, but I do not mind

B. I give him space when he needs it

C. He will be gone for some time without communication

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