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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2790
 Do His Texts Mean That He Likes Me Quiz?
Texting is one of those things that could be really difficult to interpret sometimes. Depending on how well you know the person, it could often lead to mixed signals and confusion. Some guys are just not much for small talk and don’t seem very active in text conversations because it’s just not something they like to do, whereas other guys might not be talkative or active in text conversations because they are simply just not interested. How do you differentiate between the two to know if he likes you or not? Are you confused by the text conversations you are having and unsure how to interpret them? Are you too nervous to ask him how he feels because you don’t really know him well enough yet to ask? If you are wondering, �Do his texts mean that he likes me,� take this quiz to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you are texting, how long does it typically take for him to respond?

A. Usually only a few minutes

B. It depends, sometimes it’s right away or sometimes it could be hours

C. It usually takes him a while between texts to get back to me

2. Who usually texts first each day?

A. It depends, we both do

B. I am usually the one texting first

C. He is usually the one texting first

3. Does he ever text you randomly to spark up a conversation with you?

A. No, he has never done that

B. Yes, all the time

C. Sometimes

4. Does it seem like he is engaged in the conversation when you are texting?

A. Most of the time he seems engaged in the conversation

B. He is very short most of the time, but I am not sure if that means he’s uninterested

C. He is always engaged in the conversation

5. How often does he use emojis/GIFs or send pictures of himself/things he is doing?

A. Rarely

B. More often than not

C. Every conversation he does that at least once

6. Does he let you know ahead of time if he will be busy and unable to reply to your texts in a timely manner?

A. Yes, he does frequently

B. Yes, every time he is not replying I know that he is busy because he tells me prior

C. No, he just always seems busy and frequently takes a while to get back to me

7. Does he give you a reason when he isn’t able to reply to your messages?

A. No, never

B. Yes, always

C. Most of the time

8. Does he often compliment you while you are texting each other?

A. Many times he does

B. Yes, always!

C. Not really

9. Does he always text you to say goodnight and let you know he is going to sleep?

A. Most of the time he does not

B. Most of the time he does

C. Yes, every night he does

10. Has he hinted at getting together sometime soon so you can hang out in person?

A. He has hinted at it, but we haven’t actually made plans to

B. Yes, he has mentioned it several times and I think we will go out very soon

C. Sometimes he will randomly ask me to hang out when he is drunk, but doesn’t mention it when he is sober at all

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