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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 168 | Updated: Jun 01, 2023
 Does He Still Like Me Through Texts Quiz?

In this ‘Does He Still Like Me Through Texts’ quiz, we'll explore various aspects of your text conversations to determine if your crush still holds a flame for you.
Are you ready to uncover the secrets hidden within those text exchanges and find out if your crush still likes you? Let's begin the quiz and get closer to the answers you seek!

Questions Excerpt

1. How would you describe the length of your text conversations?

A. They're quite lengthy and in-depth

B. They vary in length, sometimes long, sometimes short

C. They're usually brief and lack depth

2. How often does your crush initiate text conversations with you?

A. They often reach out first

B. Occasionally, it's a mix of who initiates

C. Rarely, I'm usually the one starting the conversations

3. Does your crush use emojis or emoticons that indicate affection or closeness?

A. Yes, they frequently use affectionate emojis like hearts, kisses, or cuddly faces

B. Occasionally, they use some emojis that may indicate affection

C. No, they rarely use emojis or emoticons that convey affection

4. Does your crush show genuine interest in your life and experiences?

A. Absolutely; they ask detailed questions and remember important details

B. Sometimes; they show interest but not consistently

C. Not really; they don't seem too invested in knowing more about me

5. How often do your conversations veer into deeper, more personal topics?

A. Quite frequently; we have meaningful discussions regularly

B. Occasionally; we touch upon deeper topics but not consistently

C. Rarely; our conversations tend to stay on the surface level

6. Do your text conversations involve playful teasing or flirting?

A. Yes, there's definitely some playful banter and flirtatious remarks

B. Occasionally, there are hints of flirting but not consistently

C. No, our conversations tend to be more casual and friendly

7. Have you noticed any changes in your crush's text behavior compared to before?

A. No, their text behavior has remained consistent

B. Yes, there have been some positive changes in their text behavior

C. Yes, there have been some negative changes in their text behavior

8. Do you often receive compliments or positive remarks from your crush through text?

A. Yes, they frequently give compliments and make me feel good

B. Occasionally, they compliment me, but it's not a regular occurrence

C. No, compliments are rare or nonexistent in our conversations

9. Are there any inside jokes or references that you share through text?

A. Yes, we have several inside jokes that we often reference

B. Sometimes, but it's not a significant aspect of our conversations

C. No, we don't have any inside jokes or shared references

10. Lastly, how responsive is your crush to your text messages?

A. They respond quickly and engage in the conversation actively

B. They respond within a reasonable time frame but not immediately

C. It takes them a while to respond, and their replies may be brief

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