Do I Really Like Him Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 688
Do I Really Like Him Quiz
What does it mean to like someone? Sometimes it can be hard to know.  Sure, you might think he’s cool or think he’s attractive, maybe even both, but do you really like him?  It’s a hard line to figure out.  Really liking someone may be the start of a potential relationship.  Take this quiz and figure out where your heart lies. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you do to get ready to see him? 

A. I make sure I look super sexy

B. I change outfits a lot. I practice things to say, I smile a lot, play songs to pump me up, and text my friends excited about it.

C. Not much, I’m excited. I usually have a story I want to tell him

D. Nothing

2. What do you want to do with him?

A. Nothing really, I mean I’d go to a party he happened to be at

B. I want to jump his bones haven’t I made that clear?

C. Eat pizza and maybe play a game

D. Just spend time with him, doing whatever, I just want to be around him more and maybe cuddle too

3. You run into him unexpectedly on the street, what do you do?

A. I ask what he’s doing, and if we are both free, we grab some food, or talk and hang out.

B. Wow, that’s exciting. Hopefully, I can speak, and once I do, I ask if he wants to hang out sometimes soon, maybe that night or the next

C. I try to stop myself from whistling at him and say, hey. Hopefully, I can turn this into some late-night plans

D. If I notice him, I say hello

4. When you see him, what happens?

A. Nothing

B. My stomach jumps into my throat. My heart feels like it’s flying, I blush, I smile

C. I smile, he’s great

D. I have to stop myself from jumping on top of him

5. How do you spend time together?

A. We chill, see friends, joke

B. We talk and sometimes when we get quiet we just stare at each other and smile, it’s just lovely to be around him honestly, he makes me feel great

C. We don’t spend much time together when we do I try to think of stuff for us to talk about

D. We’re a little flirty. I spend a lot of time imagining him naked

6. How often do you think about him?

A. Just when I see him basically, not even always then

B. When I’m in a lustful mood

C. When we are going to be hanging out or if I see something that I think he would find funny

D. I think about him a lot, lots of random things just remind me of him, when my mind settles like right before bed, I often think about him

7. What’s your favorite thing about him?

A. He’s so hot

B. He’s just really cool

C. Wow, I don’t know, so many good things, he has a great laugh and smile, he’s got amazing eyes, he’s so funny, he’s easy to talk to, he’s just great

D. I never thought about it

8. Has he ever made you nervous?

A. Yeah, I mean, look at him

B. Not really, he’s great. I feel entirely at ease

C. No, why would he?

D. Yeah, sometimes I worry I will like a complete IDIOT him, but sometimes, I just feel so good while it’s happening

9. Do you like spending time with him?

A. It’s fine

B. Yeah! He’s great. It’s fun!

C. I like looking at him a lot, touching him when I can

D. ABSOLUTELY! It’s also a bit terrifying but amazing!

10. You are telling your friends about him, what happens when you say his name?

A. I just start smiling. Sometimes they make fun of me

B. I don’t tell my friends about him

C. Nothing really. Sometimes I laugh, but it’s about something that happened in the story I am telling with him, not just cause of his name.

D. I sometimes moan a bitn 

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