Who Is My Girlfriend Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 192
Who Is My Girlfriend Quiz
Who is my girlfriend? Having a girlfriend is a heavenly feeling because they find a friend, a confidant, a sibling, and a lover. On the other hand, others cannot figure out whether they enjoy having girlfriends because they really can’t seem to pinpoint who their partners are and can’t understand their personalities. In the end, everyone deserves to know the personality that hides beneath the angelic faces of their girlfriends. If you’re eager to know, take this quiz now!

Questions Excerpt

1. How does your girlfriend react when she calls for a long time, and you don’t answer?

A. She leaves a message asking if everything is alright 

B. She wants to know what I have been doing and why I am not answering

C. She’s nonchalant

2. What does your girlfriend like to do when you both have free time?

A. She only wants us to talk about our dreams and aspirations as a couple

B. She likes us to go on field trips

C. She likes to party hard

3. What’s her reaction when you’re moody?

A. She gives me space till I’m okay to open up

B. She thinks I’m hiding something and sometimes nags

C. She makes jokes and tries to cheer me up

4. Does she always try to go through your phone?

A. No, she only asks for it when she needs to call someone and her phone is dead

B. Yes, sometimes

C. Not at all

5. How did she react when she saw you with another girl?

A. She wasn’t worried because she trusts me

B. Got a little moody but didn’t want to make it obvious

C. She made jokes about me talking to another woman

6. Does your girlfriend call you a lot when you’re out with friends?

A. Yes, but only to make sure I’m safe

B. Yes, wants to know who I’m with and when I’m getting home

C. No, not at all

7. How does your girlfriend react when you’re rendering an apology for something you did wrong?

A. She immediately accepts and admonishes me never to repeat

B. She gives off an attitude and keeps a grudge for some time

C. She’s angry at first but later calms down

8. Does your girlfriend always want you to put her pictures up on your socials?

A. Not so much, only when it’s necessary

B. She’s obsessed with it

C. She wouldn’t mind but doesn’t demand it

9. Do you feel a slight hint of competition between you and your girlfriend?

A. Not really, only when we’re playing actual games

B. Sometimes, I feel she’s competing with me

C. No, not at all

10. What’s the most dominant feeling when you’re alone with your girlfriend?

A. Total peace and security

B. She frequently brings up issues to nag about

C. A playful atmosphere

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