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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 121 | Updated: Jan 31, 2024
Do I Have a Love, Lust or Loser Relationship Quiz

Embarking on a new relationship can be a thrilling journey filled with mixed emotions and uncertainties. Are you experiencing the deep warmth of true love, the fiery excitement of lust, or are you entangled in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill your needs? Our quiz offers a unique opportunity to explore the nature of your romantic connection.

Dive into these insightful questions designed to unveil the true essence of your relationship. Whether it’s the emotional depth of love, the physical allure of lust, or the warning signs of a less-than-ideal partnership, this 'Do I Have a Love, Lust or Loser Relationship' quiz will help you understand where your relationship stands. Discover now whether your bond is built to last, a passionate escapade, or a scenario you might want to reconsider

Questions Excerpt

1. How is a movie night for you two?

A. We watch the movie attentively and then discuss it over a drink

B. We are too busy making out during the movie

C. We rarely go out together

2. If your partner gave you a hug in public, how would you feel?

A. Happy and proud

B. Sexually aroused

C. Embarrassed

3. What are you thinking about when you look at your partner?

A. I am happy to have them in my life

B. I feel like having passionate sex with them

C. I feel bored and invisible

4. If your partner suggests trying something new in bed, do you agree?

A. Yes, because I trust them

B. Yes, because I can't resist the idea

C. No, because I am afraid it could be uncomfortable

5. How was the first meeting between your partner and your family?

A. My partner impressed my family with their charm

B. My partner couldn't keep their hands off of me

C. My partner showed up late and made a bad impression

6. What does your partner appreciate the most in you?

A. My soul

B. My body

C. I am not sure

7. How was the first time when you were intimate with each other?

A. Romantic

B. Passionate

C. Unremarkable

8. How did you celebrate your one month anniversary?

A. With a romantic date

B. By staying in bed all weekend, having sex

C. With a big fight

9. How is sex between you two?

A. An intense emotional connection

B. Fireworks

C. Boring

10. How does your partner react when you are upset?

A. They listen to my worries and complaints

B. They tell me I look sexy when I am upset

C. They tell me to stop complaining so much

11. How do you feel when planning a future with your partner?

A. Excited and hopeful

B. Indifferent, as long as the physical connection remains strong

C. Anxious or doubtful

12. What happens when you need support during tough times?

A. My partner is understanding and offers help

B. We usually avoid discussing problems and focus on physical comfort

C. My partner is often unavailable or dismissive

13. How do you both handle disagreements?

A. We discuss calmly and reach a compromise

B. We often skip discussions and distract ourselves with physical intimacy

C. Arguments are frequent and unresolved

14. How often do you engage in shared hobbies or interests?

A. Regularly, we enjoy various activities together

B. Rarely, we mostly connect on a physical level

C. We don't have common interests or activities

15. How would you describe your communication style with your partner?

A. Open, honest, and frequent

B. Mostly flirtatious or centered around physical attraction

C. Limited, strained, or non-existent

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