Do I Have A Love, Lust Or Loser Relationship? Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 117
Do I Have A Love, Lust Or Loser Relationship? Quiz
Have you recently started seeing someone but you are not sure about the outcome of this relationship? While there are some good signs like physical intimacy but are issues like the other one not answering your calls making you worried? Take this quiz to find out what kind of relationship you need to expect – a love, lust, or loser relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. How was the first time when you slept together?

A. Romantic

B. Passionate

C. Unremarkable

2. How did you celebrate your 1 month anniversary?

A. With a romantic date

B. By staying in bed all weekend, having sex

C. With a big fight

3. How is sex between you two?

A. An intense emotional connection

B. Fireworks

C. Boring

4. How does your partner react when you are upset?

A. They listen to my worries and complaints

B. They tell me I look sexy when I am upset

C. They tell me to stop complaining so much

5. How is a movie night for you two?

A. We watch the movie attentively and then discuss about it over a drink

B. We are too busy making out during the movie

C. We rarely go out together

6. Your partner gives you a hug in public – how do you feel?

A. Happy and proud

B. Sexually aroused

C. Embarrassed

7. What are you thinking about when you look at your partner?

A. I am happy to have them in my life

B. I feel like having passionate sex with them

C. I feel bored and invisible

8. Your partner suggests trying something new in bed. Do you agree?

A. Yes, because I trust them

B. Yes, because I can't resist the idea

C. No, because I am afraid it could be uncomfortable

9. How was the first meeting between your partner and your family?

A. My partner impressed my family with their charm

B. My partner couldn't keep their hands off of me!

C. My partner showed up late and made a bad impression

10. What does your partner appreciate the most in you?

A. My soul

B. My body

C. I am not sure

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