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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 4725
 Do I Deserve Love Quiz?

Sometimes there are things that happen throughout your life that might make you feel like you will never find love, you are undeserving of love, or even that you are simply unlovable. The truth is everyone deserves to find love. Every single person in the world. Do you still want to know if you deserve to find true love and uncover the reason why you haven’t allowed yourself to be open to the idea, then take this 'Do I deserve love?' quiz now and get some motivation!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you envision a future of getting married and/or starting a family?

A. Only in my dreams, but I don’t think it will actually happen

B. I gave up on that dream a long time ago, but it would be nice

C. I do hope to find that someday

D. I don’t know. It’s not on the cards for me.

2. Has anyone ever told you that you are worthless, unattractive or that no one will ever be able to love you?

A. Yes, a few times

B. Not that I can recall

C. Rarely

D. Frequently

3. Do you feel like you come with too much baggage, and no one will want to take that on?

A. Not really

B. Many times, I do

C. I am not sure

D. Yes, definitely

4. How do you react when someone compliments you?

A. I feel uncomfortable and think they're just being polite

B. I appreciate it but have a hard time believing it

C. I graciously accept the compliment

D. I rarely receive compliments

5. Do you prioritize your own needs and well-being?

A. No, I often put others first and neglect my needs

B. Sometimes, but it's challenging to prioritize myself

C. Yes, I make self-care a priority

D. I rarely think about my own needs

6. How do you handle rejection or a breakup?

A. I take it personally and feel devastated

B. It's difficult, but I try to move on

C. I reflect on the experience and learn from it

D. I rarely put myself in situations where rejection could happen

7. Are you afraid of being vulnerable with others?

A. Yes, I fear being judged or rejected

B. Sometimes, it depends on the person

C. No, I am comfortable being vulnerable

D. I rarely open up to others

8. How do you handle compliments or recognition at work or in other areas of your life?

A. I dismiss them and think I don't deserve it

B. I feel awkward but say thank you

C. I accept and appreciate the recognition

D. I rarely receive compliments or recognition

9. Which of these is a fear you struggle with?

A. That no one will find you attractive or want to date you

B. That you are not a good person

C. That you don’t deserve true love

D. That you are unlovable

10. Have you ever had a serious relationship?

A. Only one, but it has been a while

B. Yes, several

C. Yes, but I feel like I have always been used in my relationships

D. No

11. How would you describe your childhood?

A. It was okay, but I often didn’t get any positive attention from people in my life

B. It wasn’t bad; I have good memories from childhood. It really isn’t about my childhood!

C. I was in trouble a lot or was criticized a lot by my parents

D. I had some traumatic experiences in my childhood

12. Have you ever felt genuine unconditional love from a friend, family member, or other adults in your life?

A. Rarely

B. Yes, I have. But I am not sure if it’s genuine.

C. No, I have not

D. I don’t remember

13. Do you think you are attractive?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Rarely

D. Sometimes

14. Which of these do you feel about yourself?

A. “Who would want to be with someone like me?”

B. “I am not a good person and don’t deserve a nice person who will treat me well.”

C. “No one will want to be with me once they get to truly know me.”

D. “No one would want to deal with someone like me who is broken and damaged.”

15. Have you ever hurt someone you loved?

A. No, not intentionally

B. Yes, many people

C. I am not sure

D. I don’t know if I have ever genuinely loved someone

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