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10 Questions | Updated: Feb 25, 2023
 Can We Guess What Kind of Partner You Are Craving Quiz?

Just as every individual is unique, our choices are unique too. Most of us tend to crave a partner who has all the positive attributes, a person with perfection, forgetting about all our imperfections!

But, in reality, getting all in one is a bit improbable. Nonetheless, what is that one quality that you just can’t compromise with? How do you want your partner to be?

Well, take this fun ‘Can We Guess What Kind of Partner You Are Craving Quiz’ to see if we have guessed it correctly!

Questions Excerpt

1. Is love enough for you in a relationship, or is expressing it more important?

A. Expression is very important

B. I’ll know they love me if they are supportive of me

C. If they are free-spirited, they will definitely express their love for me

2. Which of the following describes you the best?

A. Happy-go-lucky

B. Independent, and sensible

C. Dreamy

3. What matters to you more, affection or support?

A. Affection

B. Support

C. Isn’t there a better option

4. Which of the following describes your approach toward life the best?

A. Live life to your fullest

B. Be independent and compassionate

C. Love deeply, madly, and passionately

5. Which of these three movies do you appreciate the most?

A. P. S. I love you

B. Hangover

C. Safe haven

6. Are you too serious about your life?

A. Seriousness doesn’t suit me

B. Absolutely

C. Not much

7. What do your friends call you?

A. A silly romantic

B. Mature and competent

C. Carefree

8. If your partner loves you but isn’t corny, will you be okay with it?

A. No, being a little corny does no harm

B. Yes, if he is supportive and competent, that’s enough for me

C. Yes, but I might poke him at times to be corny

9. Would you be okay with your partner not being supportive and competent enough?

A. No

B. If he pampers me, I won’t ask for anything else

C. If he is free-spirited, being supportive shouldn’t be a problem for him

10. How do you imagine your partner to be?

A. Lively

B. Romantic

C. Supportive

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