Quiz: Are You in A Financially Abusive Relationship?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 16
Quiz: Are You in A Financially Abusive Relationship?

A financially abusive relationship is when one partner has total control and dominion over their partner's access to financial resources. It's a tactic used by overly centered narcissistic partners in a relationship. Interestingly, financial abuse can be experienced by anybody as it's based on power control and not gendered or whatsoever. 

"Are you in a financially abusive relationship" quiz is designed for those who think they are experiencing financial abuse or are willing to help others identify evidence of financial abuse.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who handles your family finances?

A. My partner does everything without any input from me

B. I handle the finances but my partner micromanages me

C. We both handle the finances with equal output

2. Does your partner spend money only on things they want but never on things you want?

A. Every time

B. Sometimes but not all the time

C. We both get what we want all the time

3. Is access to your family money restricted by your partner?

A. It’s been like this since

B. Yes but when we’re low on finances

C. No never

4. Who makes the big money decision in the relationship?

A. My partner does

B. We both do together but it really boils down to what my partner decides

C. We decide on that both with equal input

5. Are you accountable by requirement to your partner on every cent you spend?

A. Always

B. My partner does that occasionally but all the time

C. Never

6. Does your partner access your joint bank account without informing you?

A. They do that frequently without my knowledge

B. My partner does but informs me later

C. It’s never happen before

7. Does your partner gamble with your joint finances?

A. They often gamble our earnings by visiting casinos and betting shops

B. They gamble but with their own money

C. No. My partner doesn’t gamble

8. Do you have an open mutual discussion on finances with your partner?

A. No. My partner controls our finances fully

B. Financial conversations are alien in our relationship

C. We discuss fully and have a mutual agreement regarding our finances

9. Has your signature ever been forged by your partner?

A. Yes, My details have been used to access certain accounts

B. Yes but I was informed about it

C. No, They’ve never done that before

10. Have you ever been coerced into taking out loans or buying properties?

A. Yes several times

B. No, But my partner is the one who does the at a lot

C. No, That’s never happened before

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