Are You Addicted to Love Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 39
Are You Addicted to Love Quiz
Are you addicted to love, or are you just a very passionate and loving person? Have you ever wondered if you love too much? If so, taking this quiz will help you sort out whether you’re a love addict or simply just in love.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your partner just broke up with you. You:

A. Are already considering another relationship

B. Desire another relationship but are willing to wait

C. Wait at least two weeks before even thinking about finding someone new

2. When you and your partner have a tough conversation, do you:

A. Immediately worry they’ll break up with you

B. Think the worst, but hope for the best

C. Know that logically you’re not going to break up

3. You think about your partner:

A. Every second of the day

B. A few times each hour

C. Whenever they text you

4. In a dry spell without a partner, are you:

A. Constantly searching for someone new

B. Checking your dating apps every now and then

C. Patiently waiting for Fate to do the work

5. You started dating when you were:

A. In middle school

B. In high school

C. In college

6. Imagine your partner is open to having a third person join your relationship. Do you:

A. Agree right away

B. Take some time to think about it

C. Say no immediately

7. Do you feel you:

A. Give love too freely

B. Are open to love, but take your time

C. Reserve your love for those who earn it

8. When confronted by a friend about your many relationships, do you:

A. Deny having too many

B. Acknowledge that the number may be a touch too high

C. Agree that you’ve dated a lot, but you’ve got a handle on it

9. If you were to count the number of people you feel you’ve truly loved, would you:

A. Need two hands

B. Need one hand

C. Barely need to count

10. Your partner of two months asks if you can take a break from your relationship. Do you:

A. Feel devastated and broken inside

B. Feel upset but keep your head on your shoulders

C. Know that it’s for the best

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