Are You A Homosexual?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 645
Are You A Homosexual?
Homosexuality has been a very taboo subject for years. Thankfully, nowadays, people are more open-minded and are getting more used to seeing same-sex people holding hands in the streets. We have to thank pop culture for making us more and more respectful towards same-sex relationships because despite the fact that homosexuals have always been viewed as "weirdos" they are some of the most Read more imaginative, skilled, and disciplined people. Now, what are the traits that are typical of homosexuals? Take our quiz and find out. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Who is your favorite non-gay actor?

A. Brad Pitt

B. Denzel Washington

C. Chris Evans

D. George Clooney

2. What hobby do you think all gay people should like the most?

A. Sewing

B. Collecting fashion dolls

C. Writing

D. Shopping

3. Which famous designer do you feel makes the “gay-est” clothes?

A. Roger Vivier

B. Balmain

C. Riccardo Tisci

D. Alexander McQueen

4. What is the gayest name ever?

A. Frederick

B. Rodrigo

C. Bobby

D. Roberto

5. When did you find out you were gay?

A. When I was a teen

B. When I was very young

C. When I finally decided to come out of the closet during college years.

D. Just recently

6. Is your best friend gay too?

A. Yes

B. You don't know

C. Why should it matter?

D. No

7. What normally gives your sexual orientation away?

A. The way I talk

B. The way I dress

C. The fact that I wear women's perfume

D. The fact that I read women's fashion magazines

8. What do like about being gay?

A. The fact that I can embrace my feminine side so easily

B. The fact that I can easily make friends with people the other gender

C. The fact that people compare gays to Alexander the great

D. The fact that I have a better fashion sense than anyone else

9. What do hate about being gay?

A. I am misunderstood most of the times

B. The fact that most religions thought it was evil

C. The fact that I am only attracted to feminine activities

D. The fact that gays are considered bossy

10. Who is your favorite gay actor?

A. Rock Hudson

B. Luke Macfarlane

C. Chad Allen

D. Richard Chamberlain

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