Are My Parents Strict Quiz

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Are My Parents Strict Quiz
Parenting styles vary from super laid-back to stern and uncompromising. Some parents are sticklers for the rules and expect to be obeyed at all costs. It may even be for your good, but you still feel like your parents are unnecessarily hard on you at times. Do your parents give you no room to make mistakes? If you have noticed your peers being given more freedom to make decisions on their own accord, you might be wondering, are my parents too strict? Take this quiz to find out if your parents are being too tough on you.

Questions Excerpt

1. If you did something your parents explicitly told you not to do, what would happen?

A. They would be disappointed in me and expect me to listen next time

B. They would become even more restrictive and I would be punished

C. Nothing really, I can do whatever I want

2. Do your parents allow you to go on dates?

A. Yes, I am allowed to date

B. I am only allowed to go out with groups of people

C. They would never allow me to date

3. Do you think your parents trust your ability to make decisions?

A. No, I feel like I have no say in my own life

B. Yes, they absolutely trust me

C. Sometimes they will let me do things that I want to do

4. When it comes to setting rules, do you feel like their expectations are fair and realistic?

A. Some of their rules are understandable, but others make no sense

B. Yes, I feel like they are fair with me

C. No, I am restricted from doing anything and it's unfair

5. If you decide to have children someday, will you emulate your own parent's parenting style?

A. No way! I would do the exact opposite

B. Yes, I think their methods are great

C. I would do some things the same but other things differently

6. Do you ever feel the urge to rebel and break free from their strict limitations?

A. Yes, I often want to rebel and just do what I want

B. No, I feel pretty comfortable with everything

C. Sometimes I think about rebelling

7. How often do you feel the need to lie in order to avoid getting in trouble?

A. Never, I'm pretty open and honest with my parents

B. I constantly feel the need to lie to my parents

C. I occasionally will lie to my parents

8. Have other people commented about how strict your parents are?

A. Yes, everyone can see that they are too hard on me

B. No, that has never happened

C. That has happened a few times

9. Do your parents make shocking threats as a way to keep you in line?

A. Sometimes they do

B. They always threaten me

C. They have never really threatened me

10. When it comes to the rules set by your parents, would you like things to be different?

A. Yes, I would love for things to change

B. No, things are fine the way they are

C. Some things should be different

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