What Kind of Parent Are You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 664
What Kind of Parent Are You?
From authoritarian parents to permissive parents, there are a few common parenting styles. Authoritarian parents, for example, are over-controlling, while permissive parents are more lenient. Take this quiz to find out what kind of parent you are!

Questions Excerpt

1. Your baby's crying wakes you up in the middle of the night. What do you do?

A. Rush to the baby and calm them down

B. Get out of bed and go comfort them

C. Let them cry for a few minutes, then tend to them

D. Let them cry it out

2. Your child fell down and busted their lip. What do you do?

A. Pick them up and tell them not to do it again

B. Quickly help them up and check on them

C. Help them up and keep walking

D. Nothing

3. How would your child’s friends describe you?

A. Strict

B. Kind

C. Fun

D. I've never met my child's friends

4. You have some work to do, but your child wants to spend time with you. What do you do?

A. Angrily tell them you have work to do

B. Explain that you have work to do and that you can play later

C. Tell them to ask their other parent

D. Tell them to go play by themselves

5. Would you let your child travel alone?

A. No, of course not

B. Not just yet

C. Sure, they're responsible enough

D. Yes, why not?

6. Your child says their favorite class is English. What do you do?

A. Buy them books and make them read everyday

B. Encourage them to buy books and stay interested

C. Compliment them

D. Nothing

7. In your opinion, are rated R movies suitable for children?

A. No, of course not

B. As long as they come to me if they have questions

C. As long as there is no depiction of sex, violence, or profanity

D. Yeah, sure

8. What is your biggest problem with the babysitter?

A. They're too soft on the kids

B. They don't give me enough updates

C. They eat all of our food

D. I don't have any problems with the babysitter

9. It’s the weekend and your child has to do chores. What do you do?

A. Pull them out of bed and make them do their chores

B. Offer an incentive to do chores

C. Let them relax; they can do their chores tomorrow

D. Nothing

10. Your teenager wants to invite some friends over for a sleepover. What do you say?

A. Absolutely not

B. Only if you do your chores

C. Yeah, sure

D. Do what you want

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