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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 263
are my parents overprotective quiz
Do you often ask yourself, “Are my parenting overprotective?” Are you arguing with them a lot because of this? Are they overly authoritarian about what you can do, when you can, and who you can do it with?So if your parents aren’t trying to overprotect your or are too authoritative or restrictive to where they are dumbing down your childhood, then they probably feel that they are doing their job as a parent simply delivering their standards of safety into the equation.  Should they relax more? Yes. Do we need to figure it out? Yes again! Let's dive in and learn how they act like?

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think your parents would do if you broke a rule?

A. Yell at me.

B. Speak harshly at you

C. Nothing.

2. ‘’You could never make last-minute plans because you needed several days to convince your parents to say yes.’’e you?

A. Agree.

B. Not sure. 

C. Disagree.

3. Speak harshly at you if you had a friend of the opposite sex over, your parents would find an excuse to come in the room and "check on you" every five minutes.

A. Yeah, it’s frustrating.

B. Sometimes.

C. No, they’re respectful to my life.

4. Do you have a secret Myspace, Xanga, or Facebook account because you weren't allowed to have one by your parents?

A. Yes.

B. Yeah, I don’t need their permission.

C. No! 

5. Do your parents allow you to do anything drastic with your hair (dye etc.)?

A. I don’t need their permission.

B. I’m not sure.

C. Yes, unfortunately.

6. If you're at your friend's house, do your parents want to know if there will be adults there?

A. Yes. 

B. Sometimes.

C. No.

7. Are they supportive of your ideas?

A. Yes. 

B. Sometimes.

C. No, not at all!

8. Will your parents let you date?

A. Sure, why? 

B. I have no idea.

C. No.

9. Do your parents criticize you?

A. Yes, all the time!

B. Sometimes.

C. No, never.

10. In your household, are curfews enforced?

A. Yes, I have to be home at a certain time.

B. No, it would be so cruel.

C. I only have a bedtime.

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