What Is Your Parenting Style Quiz

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 238
What Is Your Parenting Style Quiz
Parenting styles vary from one person/couple to another. It normally depends on the values you received from your parents while growing up or from what you sense might be best for your kids. And it might be a good thing that parents raise their kids in different ways because people react so differently on discipline or too much leniency on behalf of the parent. So, what is your parenting style? Take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you believe in corporal punishment?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. Only to a certain extent

C. Not really

D. Up to a certain extent

2. What is the best way to punish a child?

A. Send them to their room or taking certain privileges away from them

B. Spanking them

C. Ignoring them

D. You don’t believe in punishing children

3. Do you enjoy communicating with your children?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

D. No, because your rule is what counts

4. Where do you get your values from, when it comes to parenting?

A. Your parents

B. Your good sense

C. Your heart

D. From no where

5. Parents should guide their children, but listen to their concerns at the same time. Do you agree?

A. Strongly disagree

B. Partly agree

C. Strongly agree

D. Depends

6. The world would be a better place if all parents were very strict with their children. Do you agree?

A. Yes

B. Somewhat agree

C. Absolutely disagree

D. Not really

7. Children should be allowed to make their own decisions. Do you agree?

A. No

B. Some minor ones

C. Yes

D. In consultation with their parents

8. Do you get overwhelmed by your children’s behavior?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. No, because you know how to handle them

C. All the time

D. Yes, but you understand that they are just kids and that’s how they are supposed to be

9. Children should not be made to follow rules. Do you agree?

A. Absolutely not

B. There should be some rules to make them disciplined

C. Yes

D. Just a few rules to keep them safe

10. Children do not need supervision at all. Do you agree?

A. No

B. They do in some cases

C. Yes

D. Only in situations where their safety and security are involved

11. Do you believe that you have an ideal relationship with your children?

A. Yes

B. You hope so

C. You don’t know

D. Yes, because you give them what they need or want, they just have to ask

12. Do your children easily open up to you?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Sometimes

C. Only when they need something

D. No, and that’s how things should be

13. Do you think your children are scared of you?

A. Yes, and that’s respect

B. No, they joke with you all the time

C. No, you are best friends

D. They should be

14. Do you allow your kids to bring their friends over?

A. All the time

B. Only on Fridays or on weekends

C. Sometimes

D. No, they should meet at school

15. How many hours a day are your kids allowed to spend in front of the TV?

A. 2 hours

B. They can stay in front of the TV as much as they want

C. It depends on what they are watching

D. No TV when you are around

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