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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 916
Am I in a Situationship Quiz
‘Am I In A Situationship?’ If you are confused about your relationship status with someone, you are more likely to be in a situationship. Unlike friends with benefits, situation-ships are defined as uncertain or undefined relationships with someone. It can be challenging to tell your exact relationship status if your relationship is young. It is important to figure out signs of a situationship to recognize if you are in one or not. Knowing this will save you a lot of emotional and physical investments.

Questions Excerpt

1. Is your relationship defined?

A. It is defined and purpose-driven

B. It is a transactional one

C. It isn’t defined

2. How often is your partner consistent?

A. He is seldom consistent

B. He is always consistent

C. He is sometimes consistent

3. Do you talk about the future?

A. Yes always when the opportunity presents itself

B. We seldom talk about the future

C. It is never part of our conversation

4. How often do you meet their friends?

A. Once a week

B. It is never important

C. Once in a month or two

5. Are they seeing other people?

A. Yes, they are much

B. No, they aren't

C. It isn't conditional

6. How often does your partner avoid the commitment conversation?

A. Anytime it comes up, my partner gives an excuse

B. We are deliberate about that sort of conversation

C. We don’t at all

7. Is there a natural growth in your relationship?

A. Growth is monumental

B. Growth is stagnant

C. There is no growth at all

8. How often are you confused about the relationship?

A. I am always anxious about it

B. I am relaxed and happy about it

C. There’s no sense of feeling attached

9. Are you pressured about what you do in the relationship?

A. Yes, all the time

B. There's no pressure

C. I am not bothered about what I do

10. Does your partner feel you’re their responsibility?

A. There’s no real burden on them

B. They feel pressured to take care of me

C. They are not bothered about my needs

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