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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 81 | Updated: Jun 27, 2023
 Am I Gaslighting Myself Quiz?

If you often question your own feelings, memories, or perceptions, you might be unknowingly gaslighting yourself. This 10-question Am I Gaslighting Myself Quiz is designed to help you understand your thought patterns and explore the possibility of self-gaslighting. 

It's important to remember, though, that this quiz isn't a replacement for professional help, and if you're struggling, it might be beneficial to seek assistance from a mental health professional.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you frequently doubt your own feelings and perceptions?

A. Yes, I often question if what I feel or perceive is real

B. No, I trust in my feelings and perceptions

C. Sometimes, especially when I'm stressed or anxious

2. Do you find yourself apologizing often, even when you're not at fault?

A. Yes, I often feel the need to apologize

B. No, I apologize only when I believe I've done something wrong

C. Sometimes, it depends on the situation

3. Do you minimize or disregard your own needs and feelings?

A. Yes, I often put others' needs before my own

B. No, I acknowledge and prioritize my own needs and feelings

C. Sometimes, but I'm trying to pay more attention to my own needs

4. Do you feel guilty for feeling certain emotions, like anger or sadness?

A. Yes, I often feel guilty for having negative emotions

B. No, I accept that all emotions are a natural part of life

C. Sometimes, particularly when these emotions impact others

5. Do you often change your perspective to match others', even when it contradicts your initial thoughts?

A. Yes, I frequently shift my views to align with others

B. No, I stick to my beliefs and perspectives, even when they differ from others'

C. Occasionally, especially when I respect the other person's opinion

6. Do you dismiss your accomplishments and successes as unimportant or undeserved?

A. Yes, I often downplay my successes

B. No, I take pride in and acknowledge my accomplishments

C. Sometimes, particularly when I compare myself to others

7. Do you find it difficult to make decisions without seeking approval from others?

A. Yes, I constantly seek others' approval before making decisions

B. No, I'm comfortable making decisions on my own

C. ometimes, especially with significant decisions

8. Do you often believe you're overreacting or being too sensitive?

A. Yes, I frequently believe I'm overreacting

B. No, I trust my reactions to situations

C. Sometimes, when others suggest that I might be

9. Do you blame yourself when things go wrong, even when it's beyond your control?

A. Yes, I tend to take on responsibility even when it's not warranted

B. No, I understand that some things are beyond my control

C. Occasionally, especially when I'm feeling low

10. Do you question your own memory or believe you're forgetful, even when there's evidence to the contrary?

A. Yes, I often question my memory or believe I'm forgetful

B. No, I trust my memory and believe in its accuracy

C. Sometimes, particularly when others challenge my memory

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