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10 Questions | Updated: Oct 07, 2022
 Am I Emotionally Strong in Relationships Quiz?

If you are thinking, “Am I emotionally strong in relationships?” then this quiz is designed for you. Relationships are challenging because we invest a lot in them emotionally. Emotions are vulnerable. Thus, we feel the need to keep them guarded. However, it is okay sometimes to let your emotions flow and share your feelings with your partner.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you handle your emotions when you are alone?

A. By calling my friends

B. Therapy

C. I try to cheer myself up

2. Do you always listen to your partner’s worries?

A. Quite often

B. Sometimes

C. Whenever I’m in the mood

3. How often do you reach out to your partner when something bothers you?

A. As often as I can

B. I try to keep things to myself

C. Sometimes

4. Do you give yourself some me-time?

A. No, I don’t

B. Yes, I do

C. Whenever possible

5. What do you do when you get angry at your partner?

A. I try to have a calm discussion

B. I take my anger out on them

C. I don’t react even if I am angry

6. Do you share everything that happens in your life and forget to ask about theirs?

A. Yes, sometimes

B. I share and I listen too

C. I don’t share much, but I listen

7. Can your partner reach out to you whenever they need you?

A. Not when I am in the middle of something

B. Yes, always

C. Yes, most of the time

8. How do you react when they call you excessively on the phone while you are working?

A. I lose my temper

B. I try to explain them

C. I just let it be

9. Do you think you understand your partner well?

A. Yes, I think so

B. I am getting there

C. I am not sure

10. Do you think you can ever publicly embarrass your partner?

A. Yes, I can

B. I would never do that

C. I am not sure

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