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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 604 | Updated: Mar 07, 2024
Am I Codependent or a Narcissist Quiz

Human beings are meant to be interdependent, as no human being knows it all. Where you lack, someone has abundance, and vice versa. Now the onus lies on us to accept that the walk of life does not need to be a lonely one. We need to fall on others whose strengths are our weaknesses and make ourselves available to those whose weaknesses are our strengths.

Take this quiz to get answers to the question, “Am I codependent or a narcissist?”

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have self-esteem issues?

A. Yes, I do

B. Something of the sort

C. Not at all

2. Who is the first to apologize in your relationships?

A. I always do

B. The other person does

C. It depends on the situation at hand

3. Are you keen on putting up an unforgettable first impression?

A. Not really

B. Always

C. Never

4. Do you feel sorry for others even when they hurt you?

A. Mostly

B. Absolutely not

C. Not at all

5. Do you need other people to like you in order to feel happy?

A. Most of the time

B. Not at all

C. Not really

6. How long are you likely to keep your friends?

A. For a considerable while

B. Just for a short while

C. For a long time

7. Are your friends always taking advantage of you?

A. Almost all the time

B. Never

C. Not at all

8. Do you feel an inward need to be respected at all times?

A. To some extent

B. Always

C. Not at all

9. Are you always sacrificing for the interest of others?

A. Yes, always

B. Absolutely not

C. Not really

10. Do you tend to be harsh on people who try to challenge you?

A. Not at all

B. Always

C. Never

11. How do you usually respond when someone criticizes you?

A. I feel hurt and think about it for a long time

B. I immediately defend myself and show why I'm right

C. I consider their point of view but don't take it too personally

12. How often do you offer to help others, even if it inconveniences you?

A. Almost always, I can't stand to see someone struggling

B. Rarely, I believe people should handle their own issues

C. Sometimes, if I think I can help without it being too much trouble

13. In relationships, how important is it for you to maintain a sense of control?

A. Not very important, I'm comfortable going with the flow

B. Extremely important, I need to steer the direction we're heading

C. Somewhat important, I like to have a say but can compromise

14. How do you feel when you are not the center of attention in social situations?

A. Uncomfortable and overlooked, I prefer to blend into the background

B. Irritated or bored, I like to be the focus of everyone's interest

C. Relaxed, I don't mind sharing the spotlight or stepping back

15. How do you typically approach personal boundaries in relationships?

A. I tend to put others' needs before my own and struggle to set boundaries

B. I enforce my boundaries strictly and expect others to respect them

C. I try to balance my own needs with those of others and set reasonable boundaries

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