Am I Asking Too Much in My Relationship Quiz

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Am I Asking Too Much in My Relationship Quiz
Relationships can be challenging. There is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained; else, your partner might feel like you are too clingy or possessive. It can be hard to know when you're asking for too much in a relationship, and you might be wondering if this is causing a strain in your relationship. Or maybe you want to know if you are asking for too little, which might portray you as disinterested in your relationship. So, are you asking too much or too little? Take the quiz to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you usually do things that you both like?

A. We usually do things I like

B. We usually do things they like

C. Yes, we usually do things we both like or take turns doing what the other likes

2. Do you get upset when they don't buy you lots of gifts?

A. Yes, I want them to keep buying me gifts

B. No, and leave apart gifts, they don’t even remember the important dates.

C. No, but I like it when they buy me gifts. And I buy them too!

3. Do you try to interfere with their choice of friends?

A. No, in fact, they question my choice of friends.

B. Yes, because I don’t like the people they hang out with.

C. No, why would I do that! It’s their choice entirely.

4. Do you get nervous if they don’t immediately respond to your calls or messages?

A. Yes, I hate it. At least they should text me back, it hardly takes a minute!

B. No, they answer my calls or text me back as per their convenience.

C. No, I understand that they can be busy.

5. Do you feel like you're "doing all the work" in your relationship?

A. Yes, all the time!

B. No, I've never felt like that

C. It’s they who do most of the work. And, that’s my li’l secret!

6. Do you sometimes feel like you're annoying them when you ask them anything?

A. Yes, they always tell me I annoy them

B. No, because I don't ask them for anything

C. That’s rare. And, it happens with me as well. There isn’t any issue.

7. Do you try to change their lifestyle, or the way they should dress up, and do their hair?

A. Of course! I don’t like their choice of clothes. And, their choice of restaurants isn’t quite great!

B. No, they are perfectly fine the way they are.

C. They try to change mine. They want me to look perfect in their group of friends.

8. Who always pays for food or other expenses when you go on dates?

A. I always pay

B. They always pay

C. We try to split the expenses whenever possible

9. Do you make them choose between their friends and you?

A. No, I don’t. That would be a nasty thing to do.

B. Yes, and they usually choose me over their friends.

C. Not actually, and they usually prefer their friends over me

10. Do you force them to meet you?

A. Kinda yes, I mean any person in love would do that!

B. Not at all, in fact there are times when they even cancel our pre-planned dates.

C. None of us forces each other. We meet often and it's always a mutual decision.

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