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10 Questions
 Am I Anti-Romantic Quiz?

‘Am I anti-romantic’ quiz is aimed at exploring how averse to romance someone is as a person. Romance is not something that all people are inclined towards. 

Some people either don’t understand it or find it to be removed from reality. They may see romance as something that is found in books, movies or songs, and not in real life. While there are others that seek romance and work towards keeping it alive in their relationship. 

This quiz will inform you of where you belong on the romance spectrum. Stop guessing, sit back, take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would you rather do?

A. Go on romantic dates

B. Hang out with friends

C. Whatever feels right in the moment

2. What upsets you?

A. Getting dumped

B. Losing friends

C. Getting rejected by my crush

3. What’s your go to happy place?

A. Alone with partner on an island

B. Anywhere but home

C. Sitting on the beach with a special person

4. Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day?

A. Absolutely

B. Not really

C. Yeah

5. What do you do in your private hours?

A. Plan a romantic getaway with partner

B. Watch TV shows and play games

C. Text my crush

6. What would you rather do when you are old?

A. Be with the love of my life

B. Retire with extreme wealth

C. Own a dating site

7. Do you have a crush?

A. Yes, I’ve got a crush already

B. It’s a waste of time

C. Yeah

8. How do you reply to someone you don’t really fancy?

A. Match make that person with someone else

B. Sternly warn the person to stay off

C. Gently tell that person to stay off

9. Do you like dating?

A. Absolutely, yes

B. Not at all

C. Sometimes

10. What would you do if your friend had a crush on someone?

A. Walk up to the person and introduce your friend to them

B. Walk away

C. Try making them talk to each other

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