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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 317 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Are You a Romantic or Realist Quiz
Romantic relationships are beautiful and bloom with time. The initial days fill you up with all the good hormones and you discover various phases of romance with your partner. But is your idea of romance based on reel or real life? Romance in all its forms brings joy to life. A romantic person may sometimes base their romance on the movie romance, which is orchestrated and well defined. While a realist may sometimes overlook the little joys, and may focus more on the hard realities of life. To find out whether you are a romantic or realist, take this quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What are your thoughts on romantic films or series?

A. I really fancy the movie love

B. I wish they were a bit more real

C. I love romance, but not grand gestures

2. Your partner buys you a ring after dating you for a month. How would you react?

A. I would say yes before they propose

B. I would ask them to take it slow

C. I would respond quickly without keeping them hanging

3. Do you often think about the future with your partner?

A. Not often, but this thought does cross my mind

B. I am a little obsessed about our future together

C. I live today like there is no tomorrow

4. How do you treat Valentine's day?

A. Everyday is romantic for us

B. These holidays are a money minting business

C. I would not mind going out for a quiet dinner

5. What are your thoughts on dating online?

A. I want to find my partner in physical reality

B. I am not sure

C. Love should transcend boundaries

6. What is your idea of an ideal date?

A. A good restaurant, fresh food, and a pleasant conversation

B. I like staying at home and cook for them

C. I want to take them to an adventure park

7. What would you do if your partner is busy at work and is unable to spend quality time with you?

A. I would visit them in office, or at-least call

B. I will express my concern

C. I will always support them in their endeavors

8. What is your idea of intimacy?

A. I care about their consent

B. I do not want them to rush

C. I would definitely need a cigarette

9. How do you deal with stress?

A. I always turn to my partner

B. I am seeking therapy, and my partner’s support makes it easy

C. I would not want to burden my partner

10. How much do you care about their appearances?

A. Not much

B. I am fascinated by minds

C. I want to dive into their soul

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