Am I An Introvert or Extrovert Quiz

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Am I An Introvert or Extrovert Quiz
Have you often found yourself asking, “Am I an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert?”rnAn introvert is a person who can be social and outgoing when they need to or in certain situations but would prefer to spend their time alone or in small groups. An extrovert is a person who feeds off of attention and enjoys being in social situations instead of being alone. There is also another category people can fall into called ambiverts, which describes a more ambidextrous person when it comes to how they react to other people. Ambiverts can be more introverted at times and extroverted if they are in the right setting or around the right people. While introverts and extroverts tend to be on more of a spectrum depending on the person, the ambivert would fall right in the middle with the ability to bounce back and forth between the two. Which one are you? Take this short quiz to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you ever turn down an event, party, or night out with friends?

A. Yes, all of the time

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes, it depends on how I am feeling

2. Which do you prefer?

A. Spending time alone or at home

B. Going out with friends/Being social

C. A little bit of both

3. Which environment would you prefer to work in?

A. Working independently

B. Working with a group of people

C. It depends; I could go either way

4. What is your method of problem-solving?

A. Working through a problem on my own and keeping it to myself

B. Talking through a problem with friends or coworkers to come up with a solution

C. It depends on the scenario

5. What is your personality?

A. Reserved

B. Outgoing

C. Can be outgoing in the right situation

6. Would you prefer to be alone most of the time or spend time with others?

A. Alone

B. With others

C. I enjoy spending time with others, but also need my alone time

7. How would your family/friends describe you?

A. Shy or quiet

B. A people’s person or the life of the party

C. Flexible and adaptive

8. How do you tend to feel when you are in a large group of people?

A. Exhausted or anxious

B. Energized and excited

C. Enthusiastic at the moment, but I need time to recharge

9. Which would you most enjoy?

A. Movie night with friends

B. A concert with friends

C. A night out for some drinks with friends

10. Are you more of a talker or a listener?

A. Listener

B. Talker

C. It depends on the situation

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