What Is Your Level Of Self Love Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 65 | Updated: Mar 29, 2023
 What Is Your Level of Self Love Quiz?

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, self love is one of the main keys that will open the doors to personal expansion, learning and hugely improved relationships.

Are you constantly putting your needs to the side in an effort to make others happy? Do you find it hard to be spontaneous and live for yourself now and then? The self-love quiz is designed to give you insight into your current level of self-love. 

Use this ‘What is your level of self love’ quiz as a tool to begin reflecting on your relationship with yourself and see where your greatest areas of opportunity are.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of the following would you say is true about how you feel about yourself?

A. I have a lot of good qualities, and I try to be nice to myself and others as much as possible

B. I think my good qualities outweigh my bad ones, but there's definitely room for improvement

C. My good qualities are outweighed by my mistakes and weaknesses

2. Do you ever compare yourself to other people?

A. Yes, I do this on a regular basis

B. I sometimes compare myself to others, but not on a regular basis

C. No, I don't compare myself to others at all

3. Do you feel like you're valued by others?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

4. Can you express yourself in a way that's unique to you?

A. Yes

B. Just sometimes

C. I do not think so

5. Do you practice self-care and take time to recharge?

A. Yes, I make it a priority to take time for myself, whether that's in the form of a bubble bath or going for a run

B. I will do my best! Just sometimes It can be difficult to find time to recharge when you're juggling so many responsibilities

C. I'm not very good at taking care of myself, but I'm working on it

6. Are there people in your life who support and believe in you?

A. Yes, I have people who support and believe in me

B. Not much but still I'm happy to report that I have a few people in my life who believe in me and support me

C. Not sure about it

7. Do you believe that people deserve kindness and compassion?

A. Absolutely. I believe that people deserve kindness and compassion because it makes the world a better place, and it's good for our own mental health to be kind to others

B. If you are a good person, then you will be kind to others, and vice versa. You can't expect kindness from others if you aren't kind yourself

C. I think kindness and compassion are actions that we take, not things we deserve

8. Do you love yourself enough to put yourself first sometimes?

A. Yes

B. Not sure

C. Not at all

9. Do you feel like a victim of your circumstances?

A. I feel like a victim of my circumstances sometimes, but I don't think it's the right way to look at it

B. I think we all feel like a victim of our circumstances sometimes, but I think the difference between those who get stuck there and those who don't is that the former gives up on themselves

C. I don't feel like a victim of my circumstances. I have a lot of choices to make in life, and sometimes those choices don't work out the way I hoped they would. However, I always try to learn from my mistakes and move on with my life

10. Lastly, do you give yourself enough credit for the things that you do well?

A. I think I'm pretty good about giving myself credit for the things that are easy for me

B. I think so, yes. I definitely try to be honest with myself about what I'm doing well and what I'm not, but I'm also very self-critical. If something doesn't go well, I tend to focus on that rather than the things that did go well

C. I think I do, but I can't say for certain. It's hard to be objective about yourself

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