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Am I An Empath Or Codependent Quiz
Recognizing and understanding how you approach relationships is a valuable tool when it comes to both you and your partner. Have you ever wondered, am I an empath or codependent? Empaths are incredibly sensitive to other people’s emotions and often take on other’s pain as their own. Codependents have an excessive psychological attachment to their partner that results in an imbalanced relationship. The big difference is that empaths understand that they aren’t responsible for their partner’s emotional state, while codependents lack the ability to detach and regulate their emotions independently. Take this quiz to know which personality type most describes you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel like it's your responsibility to "fix" your partner?

A. Yes, it's my job to make them better in any way I can

B. No, I let my partner find their own path

C. I want to help fix them but I know when to back off

2. If your partner is having a bad day, how do you usually react?

A. I feel the stress and sadness that they are experiencing

B. I feel like I didn't do enough to make them happy

C. I try to offer a healthy amount of support and compassion

3. What do you do if you suspect your partner is cheating on you?

A. I think it's my fault and I will stay with them no matter what

B. I already knew something was amiss because my intuition is never wrong

C. I would be hurt and I would leave the relationship

4. Do you go above and beyond to make sure your partner is happy?

A. I do what I can but my partner's happiness is ultimately their responsibility

B. I will do anything and everything to ensure they are always happy

C. If my partner is sad I immediately feel those same emotions along with them

5. How important is alone time to you?

A. It's vital. I need alone time to recharge

B. I don't ever want to be alone, I always want to be with my partner

C. I like alone time but I'm fine if I don't get enough of it

6. Do you ever intervene in your partner's personal life?

A. I do this often

B. I do intervene occasionally

C. I never do this

7. When you and your partner are having an argument, how does it usually end?

A. I always back down and let my partner win to keep the peace

B. I am quite sensitive to confrontation but I will stand up for what I believe in

C. We don't really argue. We have mature, rational discussions

8. Do you ever feel like you're clinging on to a relationship that should have been over long ago?

A. No, if I felt that way I would just leave

B. Yes, but I feel like my partner needs me so I stay

C. Sometimes, but I want to work through things

9. Have you ever been told you're too emotional?

A. Yes, I have heard this often

B. Occasionally

C. Nobody has ever said this to me

10. How often do you prioritize the needs of others before your own?

A. I always put other people's needs before my own, especially when it comes to my relationship

B. I am considerate of others but I also know when to put myself first

C. Never

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