What Type of Empath Am I Quiz?

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What Type of Empath Am I Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. Which one of the following most sounds like you?

A. When a friend or loved one gets hurt, I can physically feel their pain.

B. At times, I get a strong sense about something that is going to happen in the future, and I end up being correct.

C. If my significant other feels sad, I start to feel down in the dumps myself.

2. How do you tend to react if your partner or significant other is angry with you?

A. Sometimes I shut down emotionally, because the anger feels so powerful to me.

B. I can predict what might happen after the argument winds down, so I am able to remain calm.

C. I imagine the sensation of their body growing warm with anger, and I start to feel overheated and physiologically aroused myself.

3. Do you ever have dreams about some sort of event, and the event actually ends up happening in the future?

A. I experience this often! It’s almost as if I can predict the future via my dreams.

B. I may have experienced this once or twice, but most often, I have dreams about someone important in my life, and I find myself having a strong emotional reaction to whatever happens to the person.

C. This isn’t something I usually experience. I have had dreams in which someone I love is physically hurt, and I wake up in pain.

4. Which of the following would be most likely to happen to you?

A. I am afraid to give bad news to a friend, because I will feel their sense of disappointment.

B. I get a sense of who someone is the first time I meet them, without knowing much about their lives.

C. My partner comes home feeling sick, and I start to get a stomach ache myself.

5. Do you feel like you can communicate with animals?

A. I wouldn’t say that I can communicate with animals, but I can tell when my dog is feeling sad, like when I leave the house, and it makes me feel a little sad too.

B. I don’t have a sense that I can communicate with animals, but when I see an animal in pain, it physically hurts me.

C. Yes! I absolutely feel like I am in tune with what animals are feeling, and I have a special ability to understand them.

6. What is your biggest struggle in intimate relationships?

A. I become overwhelmed when my partner shares feelings with me, because I tend to take them on as my own.

B. I tend to lose trust in someone once I get the slightest gut feeling that they may be doing something wrong.

C. I cannot handle when my significant other is sick or hurt, because I tend to feel their pain.

7. What is your best quality in relationships?

A. I am really sensitive toward other people’s feelings, so I usually do not come across as hurtful or offensive.

B. When someone is physically suffering, such as dealing with pain or an illness, I am able to comfort them, because I can imagine exactly how they feel.

C. I am able to foresee what people will need in the future, and I can plan for it to ensure I will meet their needs.

8. Which one of the following statements describes you?

A. When I see someone get severely hurt in a movie, I feel pain in my own body.

B. I have a sixth sense about things that will happen in the future

C. I can scan a room and pick up on what other people are feeling.

9. If your best friend were suffering with severe pain from a back injury, what would you most likely feel?

A. I would be able to feel my friend’s sadness over their loss of physical functioning, and I would begin to take on that sadness as my own.

B. I would get a sharp pain in my back.

C. I would be unsurprised, because I had a premonition in which my friend suffered an injury.

10. Which one of the following is something you’ve experienced frequently?

A. I go from a happy mood to a sad mood almost instantly if someone around me is feeling blue.

B. When someone else describes physical pain, I feel pain in my own body.

C. I feel a sense of connection to plants, animals, and nature.

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