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  • How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

    How to surprise your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

    Women are complicated creatures. Or so men say…There is some truth to it though, seeing how one woman’s tastes can completely differ from another’s. And in this day and age, where every woman tries her hardest to differentiate herself from the rest, it seems even harder to satisfy your partner and make her feel unique. However, some things never change. And that is definitely the case with properly romancing a woman. So, for this Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter if you are seeking to surprise your girlfriend by doing something out of the ordinary or plain and simple as long as you keep in mind a few tips.

    • Women love being the center of attention!: Unless there’s a strong reason for you to believe otherwise, placing the limelight on your girlfriend on this occasion will be the key to her heart. You can choose a simple yet impactful gesture such as sending her flowers and a token of your love while she is still at work. All the ohhs and ahhs from her colleagues alone will make her feel special and worthy of envy. Of course, you can go all out and prepare something more lavish, but not everybody can afford being the Richard Gere to her Julia Roberts. And she might not have an emergency staircase to climb up to her apartment, even if you were willing to do so.
    • Take the day off and plan: Something you know she truly enjoys doing. If you could strike up an itinerary with some of her favorite places and activities, all the better. Remember to double-check your wallet though. Unless you want to end up at your second or third destination unprepared, it would be best to choose wisely first. It can also be something simple, like going to the first place you’ve met followed by a trip to the cinema to see her favorite romantic movie. Just make sure they’re all things that she likes.
    • Be creative and put some effort into it!: Contrary to popular belief, most women see the small, cheap gestures a man makes more valuable than a diamond ring. They’re also suckers for handmade presents with a deep meaning behind them. Write her a moving love letter or 14 notes mentioning why she is so special to you. Hide small nothings that have a special meaning to her throughout the house for her to discover or cook her special meal. She’s bound to be impressed by the detail and effort you’ve put into it.
    • Spend the entire day with her: As teenagers this might be more easily achieved, but as adults with a busy working schedule this is something not everybody can afford. Out of all the things you can buy with money, time is not one of them. Time with your loved ones is always a precious gift and offering it to a person will always emphasize how much they mean to you.
    • Shop for her: Sacrifice yourself and bare spending a couple of hours at a shopping spree. If you’re not one for grand gestures or imaginative surprises, take her out shopping. Shop for herYour credit card might never be the same again, but it’s an easy way to placate her if you haven’t planned something out. Plaster a smile on your face and go along with her as she tries on clothes or jewelry and she’ll probably consider you a keeper. After all, it’s just for one day in the year.
    • Buy her a pet: I have yet to see a woman complain about receiving a sweet puppy or a cute kitten. This is a wonderful idea for girlfriends that are known to be animal lovers. Whether she already has a pet or not, she will wholeheartedly accept this new family member. It will not only be a great memory for the two of you to share in the future, this small bundle of joy will also become a great companion and friend to your girlfriend. Out of the many things that one can receive as a present, pets are the ones that always leave a lasting impression.
    • There’s nothing that says love like sacrifice: And, no, I am not referring to anything as extreme as a Romeo and Juliet scenario. Every couple can think of a few things or activities that one partner loves while the other one simply hates. It can be a small thing such as cooking or going out dancing. Just make sure it’s an activity that she truly loves, but which you dislike doing. She will not only be impressed but also greatly touched to see you doing something solely for her. The fact that she knows that you generally dislike this yet are still willing to go ahead with it will simply ascertain how much you truly care.

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