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    5 Exciting First Date Ideas to Try Right Now

    5 Exciting First Date Ideas to Try Right Now

    What does it take to have a successful first date? So many people go for the standard restaurant or movie while ignoring a whole host of other opportunities. A first date, however, will set the tone for the coming encounters. If the first impression is far from a positive one, little could be done to rectify the situation.

    Are you looking for an exciting and unorthodox first date idea that will give you a chance to get to know the other person better?

    Here are a few date ideas  you may want to explore

    1. Do an urban adventure

    Even if you’ve lived in a specific city for multiple years, chances are that you haven’t discovered and seen everything it has to offer.

    Going on an urban discovery adventure with someone you’re dating for the first time can create an immediate bond. Both of you will be sharing something new and exciting.

    Walking around makes it easier to have a conversation with a person you don’t know too well. The change of scenery will give you something to observe and discuss while you’re trying to find out if you have anything in common.

    If you stumble across a music performance, you will get another exciting opportunity to glimpse into their preferences. Musical preferences are said to be quite revealing about interests, personality and a general outlook on life.

    2. Take a class together

    You met each other online and you know that the other person loves cooking. This is the beauty of online dating, you can learn essentials long before you’ve got a chance to shake hands. This information can help you craft a perfect first date scenario.

    Go to a cooking class together and focus on a type of cuisine both of you love or are keen to learn a bit more about. Sharing an experience that both of you enjoy is a wonderful option for breaking the ice.

    Doing something keeps you from having to maintain a conversation all the time, which will make you feel more at ease.

    3. Nature exploration

    Tell your date to wear a pair of comfortable shoes and do a bit of nature exploration

    Tell your date to wear a pair of comfortable shoes and do a bit of nature exploration. Some of the most romantic experiences out there don’t cost anything and they give you a chance to share a truly special moment with each other.

    Hiking to the top of the hill to watch the sunrise or the sunset (it depends on just how early you can get out of bed) is a bit unorthodox but you will be engaging in a fun experience and you’ll also be observing the magnificent beauty of nature.

    The transient nature of the sunset will also give you the sensation that you’ve just witnessed something that can’t be taken back.

    Observing the night sky while having a beach bonfire is another great choice for nature lovers. Try to identify the constellations or have a delicious meal while listening to the sound of the ocean waves. The tranquillity of nature will take away some of the nervousness, especially if the two of you have instant chemistry.

    4. A return to childhood

    Being childish and having a bit of fun can reveal something truly authentic about your character.

    Go-karting can be a lot of fun, plus it would bring out the competitive spirit. This activity is somewhat messy and far from staged.

    Men and women get equally anxious about a first date. Sitting in a restaurant and trying to behave in a specific way will bring those anxiety levels through the roof.

    If you don’t feel like racing each other in small funky cars, you can go to a carnival fair, share some cotton candy and play on the swings. These activities are so casual that they will make you feel relaxed. In addition, such a date is a lot of fun without being too expensive or stiff.

    5. Volunteering together

    It’s been well-established that volunteering makes us happier. The sense of giving to someone in need results in a high level of fulfilment, regardless of your day-to-day life and struggles.

    Sharing a volunteering experience with someone you’re dating for the first time can be quite telling about their character and priorities.

    Talk about it in advance. Will you go to an animal shelter? Serve food or build a home for those who have lost everything? Make sure that the activity and the charity are something the other person will be comfortable with.

    It’s ok to think outside the box when going on a first date.

    Standard ideas are simple and comfortable because we’ve all been on dozens of restaurant and bar dates. Still, alternatives could be more readily accessible and they will provide better opportunities to know the other person. Don’t be afraid to break away from the routine and try something new. If your date enjoys the activity, chances are that you’ll continue seeing each other. Good luck!

    Kristin Barton is a writer for online dating platform Doulike.com where different people can meet each other.She is a great adviser in the relationship and gives many valuable statements in her articles. Find more of her work also onTwitter&Facebook.
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