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  • Do You Think Your Boyfriend Is Having An Affair Look for These 5 Signs

    Do You Think Your Boyfriend Is Having An Affair? Look for These 5 Signs!

    Do You Think Your Boyfriend Is Having An Affair Look for These 5 Signs

    Trust is the foundation of your relationship and cheating is a big sign that is considered as one of the biggest deal breakers in a relationship.

    If you’re doubting your partner and are suspicious that he’s having an affair with someone else, then here are the 5 biggest signs of figuring out on what he’s up to.

    1. He is suddenly conscious of his looks

    Normally you would feel great if your partner begins to take care of his appearance, and is well-groomed. However, if all of a sudden he’s too into his look, then this could also be the first sign of him having an affair with someone else.

    He would always be trying to look good or alter his dressing style and looks. You’ll notice how he would become eager to always look good. He will start shopping for new clothes and spend more time in front of the mirror.

    He’ll start to get health conscious and work towards getting a fitter, healthier body. If he was never interested in exercising or trying out squats, you would be shocked at the amount of time and dedication he now seems to be putting in developing his workout routines.

    2. He seems to be drifting away emotionally

    If your boyfriend seems to be drifting apart from you on an emotional level, it is often one of the significant signs that he is having an affair.

    It would be difficult to invest his time and feelings in two persons, and therefore, you will feel like you’re being ignored. You will notice that the emotional connection that you shared earlier is not there anymore, and it’s probably because he’s connecting with someone else.

    The other reason that your boyfriend will try to push you away on an emotional level is to ensure that he doesn’t give away something accidentally. If you and your boyfriend have a strong emotional bond, it means that you both will talk a lot and share everything about your day or life in general with each other.

    This will be difficult to do so if he is having an affair, as there will be a lot which he will have to hide or lie about. The emotional distance that he creates between you both will act as a shield and refrain him from spilling the truth.

    3. He will turn secretive

    Another eminent sign that your partner might be cheating on you is his secretive ways.

    If you notice that your boyfriend needs to take a call away from all the noise that is there in the background, but if he seems to be doing that with every call, that’s probably because he can’t speak in front of you.

    If the phone is ringing continuously while you’re not around, then he will let it ring and not pick it up.

    It will be all the more noticeable if he was not like this before or had no problem in attending calls in front of you.  

    He’s most likely to keep his phone locked and not give you the password for obvious reasons. He will give you random excuses like he’s safeguarding some important emails or office texts.

    And if he hasn’t locked his phone, then he might delete all messages and call records each time he checks his phone. Similarly, the moment you enter the room, he will close a tab on his computer or lower his voice if he’s talking on the phone.

    4. He becomes overly affectionate

    Do Things Which He Never Did Earlier like Bring You Gifts


    As a way to avoid his guilt of cheating on you, your partner will suddenly get too affectionate towards you.

    He’ll start to do things which he never did earlier like bring you gifts, or he may bring home flowers and hug you more, especially to put on a show in front of others. He might want to take you out to a fancy place to dine or take you out for movies or any of your favorite places.

    There could be a possibility that he’s doing all of this out of love and appreciation, but if you feel that something is wrong, investigate it.

    5. He keeps repeating a name

    Your partner might mention a name often in his conversations, making it clear that a person with that name exists in his life at the moment. In the beginning, he might be subtle, but you will soon notice that he is trying to sneak in the name during a conversation off and on.

    For instance, your boyfriend would be watching a movie with you and suddenly point out to an actor, mentioning how she looks exactly like some person he knows. Or, he may talk about how he wants to start going to the gym regularly and mention a friend who does likewise.

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