My Husband’s Business Is Ruining Our Marriage

My Husband’s Business Is Ruining Our Marriage

This is a common statement among wives of entrepreneurs. Naturally, men are a little weak at multitasking, unlike women. In some cases, the business environment might be strenuous to an extent a husband becomes emotionally drained to a level of neglecting his conjugal duties. A wife, on the other hand, feels neglected, unappreciated and unwanted, which can ultimately ruin their marriage.

Business trips and meetings which go late into the night and over the weekend characterize the lifestyle of a business-oriented entrepreneur. When do the two love birds share light moments and fun together? What happens to the wife’s social life? A wise woman opts to look for companionship elsewhere to fill in the gap. Just in case, a wife lands in the hands of the opposite sex who supports and appreciates her. The entrepreneur husband will never get the attention of the wife again. With all the cash and good life, a wife opts to get married to a poor man rather than be in the unfulfilling marriage life.

What are the indicators that your business has a negative impact on your marriage?

Lack of quality time together

When life revolves around your business to an extent that when you stay at home you feel bored and you just want to go back to your business premises, then you are treading on dangerous grounds for your marriage. My friend, your wife cries for your attention. You should be happy that you have time to be together as husband and wife. If the zeal to be together fades away then your marriage is bound to fail.

Forgetting the most important dates

A wife values her birthday, the anniversary dates and she expects good treatment on these special occasions. When you are so much occupied with your business to an extent you let these days pass without any special treatment then the business is killing your marriage. Do you forget to pay your utility bills for your business? If not, then forgetting important dates essential of your married life is a clear indication of a disconnection between you and your spouse.

Social life revolves around your job

There should be a clear difference between your workmates and your friends. If you find they are the same ones then you are treading on a dangerous zone. It means you spend most of your time in the work place to a level of friendship rather than an employer-employee relationship. Does it bring any difference with your wife?If you can neglect your friends because of your work; your wife is not an exception. Who do you call when you have an emergency at home? If it is a workmate, it is a wakeup call.

Comfort when the husband is out for a business trip

The early years of marriage when you could be out for a business trip and your wife makes endless calls just to confirm you are safe then all of a sudden there is a change. She is no longer anxious when you stay out late or spend the entire evening with business friends. You have lost grip of the love for your life. Women are tolerant but when it reaches a point where she no longer cares, in fact, she even plans for your trips for you to be out of the home. Take care;your marriage is on the verge of collapsing.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy plays a vital role in the life of married couples. It is an act that needs preparation, teasing, and passionate moments. How then do you expect to sexually satisfy your wife when you have no time within the day to send a love message to reassure her of your love? Sex is not a miracle, you plan for it. The breakdown of physical and emotional connection leads to poor intimacy which further leads to lack of intimacy. What business do you have with your wife?

No acts of love

As a husband, ask yourself, when did you last kiss your wife or held hands together in public? Simple acts of love rekindle your love despite the busy schedule. They include

  • Taking a walk
  • Frequently having lunch and dinner dates
  • Cuddling one another to sleep among others

The absence of little acts of love proves a collapsing marriage. It takes energy, commitment, and zeal to strike a balance between your work and keeping your wife happy.

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