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10 Questions | Updated: Dec 26, 2023
Are You Dealing With Social Anxiety Disorder in Marriage Quiz

Here’s the “Are You Dealing With Social Anxiety Disorder in Marriage” quiz! Marriage is a beautiful partnership, but it comes with its own set of challenges. When social anxiety enters the picture, it can impact not just the individual but the entire dynamic of the relationship. 

This quiz is designed to help you explore how social anxiety plays a role in your marriage. Let's explore these subtleties together! Although this quiz is designed to help you gain some initial insight, it is recommended to seek professional help for any serious marital issues that you might be facing.

Questions Excerpt

1. When your partner experiences heightened social anxiety, how do you provide support in the moment?

A. Unsure, as providing effective support during heightened anxiety is challenging for us

B. Supportive, but there's room for improvement in how we handle these situations

C. Calmly and attentively, offering reassurance and understanding

2. How do you and your partner typically approach social gatherings together?

A. Social gatherings can be challenging for both of us, leading to discomfort and tension

B. There's a balance; one of us may feel more comfortable than the other, but we manage

C. We navigate social events with ease, supporting each other through interactions

3. How does your partner's social anxiety influence your overall perception of the health and happiness of your marriage?

A. Social anxiety is not a significant consideration in our perception of the health and happiness of our marriage

B. It influences our dynamic, but addressing it could enhance the overall health of our marriage

C. It's a factor we actively address, working together to maintain a healthy and happy relationship

4. How often do you and your partner seek professional guidance or therapy to address social anxiety within your marriage?

A. Rarely, as seeking professional guidance is not a significant consideration for us

B. Occasionally, we've considered it, but it's not a consistent part of our approach

C. Regularly, we prioritize professional support for managing social anxiety

5. How do you and your partner handle last-minute social invitations?

A. Usually decline, as last-minute invites can trigger discomfort and anxiety

B. It depends; sometimes we're open to it, but other times it causes stress

C. Embrace spontaneity, responding positively and enjoying the moment

6. In social settings, how often does your partner express a desire to leave early or avoid certain interactions?

A. Frequently; the desire to leave early or avoid interactions is a common occurrence

B. Occasionally, with some discomfort leading to the preference to leave early

C. Rarely, we navigate social settings together with a minimal desire to leave early

7. How do you and your partner approach social situations involving unfamiliar people or new environments?

A. With apprehension, often leading to anxiety and a preference for familiar settings

B. It depends; sometimes we're open, but other times there's hesitation or discomfort

C. With enthusiasm, actively engaging, and welcoming new experiences

8. When attending social events, how does your partner typically cope with anxiety—through verbal communication, non-verbal cues, or seeking alone time?

A. Seeking alone time; withdrawal as a coping strategy during social events

B. It varies; coping mechanisms can include a mix of verbal and non-verbal cues

C. Verbal communication; expressing feelings and seeking support when needed

9. How do you and your partner manage expectations around the frequency of social interactions with friends and family in your relationship?

A. Struggle to establish clear expectations, leading to tension around social interactions

B. Sometimes aligned, other times leading to misaligned expectations

C. Clearly communicate expectations, finding a balance that suits both partners

10. When participating in group activities, how does your partner handle being the center of attention or engaging in activities that require public speaking?

A. Struggles with being the center of attention, leading to heightened anxiety

B. Sometimes manageable, other times causing discomfort or anxiety

C. Comfortably takes on such roles, navigating attention with confidence

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