Relationship Advice and Tips

How to Resolve Trust Issues in a Relationship

A loving relationship can be a beautiful union of two people.  To achieve this goal, there are several aspects within …

By Duane Osterlind

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, CSAT| 6  min read

Changes After Saying “I Do”

Friday Night Lights could be the most compelling depiction of marriage to show up recently on television. In the weekly …

2  min read

Meditation Can Help Improve Your Relationships

We have become human doings not human beings.  Our daily goals often seem to be how much can we get …

By Amy Wohl

Counselor, LMSW, CPT| 3  min read

What Do Women Want in a Relationship?

Mel Gibson, to modern pop culture knowledge (okay, so 90’s isn’t SO modern, but hey, it’s my article, so I …

By Terra Bruns

CSI| 3  min read

Six Things that Can Destroy Your Relationship

Relationships are hard even under the best of circumstances. One wants to believe that love for one another is enough …

By Rita Hansen

Mental Health, LPC, QMHP, LAC| 4  min read

Developing Acceptance Skills in a Relationship

Couples seeking counseling services often ask for help with their communication skills. I redirect them to begin developing their acceptance …

By Russell Strelnick

2  min read

Second Marriage: How to Make Your Second Marriage Successful

  Virtually everyone says “I do” the first time with the best of intentions, and an expectation it is forever. …

By Steven Stewart

Counselor, MS, NCC | 4  min read

Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Marriage

Often when we marry, we have the belief that our spouses will do what they indicated in the vows they …

By Debbie McFadden

Clinical Counselor, LCSW, MSW, DMin| 4  min read

When You Live With An Insecure Husband

Living with an insecure husband is not only hard work; it can have a devastating impact on your well being …

By David McFadden

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, LCPC, MSMFT, DMin| 5  min read

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