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Practice self-care

Self-Care is Marriage Care

  The phrase “self-care” is thrown around a lot these days. “Take a relaxing bath! Take out some quiet time. …

By Sarah Rodgers

Marriage , MA, LMFT, RDT| 3  min read

5 Traits Of A Long-Lasting Marriage

Ever looked at a happy older married couple and wondered what their secret is? While no two marriages are the …

By Tessa Burns Martin

Registeredn Psychologist, BA, MC| 4  min read

Tips On How To End A Dead-End Relationship

Dead-ends: That end of a road from which you can’t go any further. There are a lot of dead-ends in …

5  min read

10 Most Common Marriage Difficulties during the First 3 Years

Marriage is followed by a physical honeymoon and then an emotional one. The honeymoon or “newlywed” phase consists of one …

5  min read

10 Important Marriage Tips For Newlyweds

Being a newlywed is so exciting. You’re still on a high from the wedding and the honeymoon, and your life …

5  min read

5 Misconceptions Of Marriage

 While it is good to have some form of expectation, sometimes those expectations can be a misconception. Here are some …

By Latisha Woods

Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC| 3  min read

Healing Relationships After Breaking Up And Making Up

Not all breakups are forever. Sometimes you split with someone, but realize that really you want to work things out …

5  min read

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