9 Relationship Tips for Men – Must Knows to Win Your Women

To be able to provide your woman with what she needs, you must understand her

Most guys have a very hard time pleasing women. This is because they refuse to acknowledge the fact that men and women are very different. And on top of that, every lady is unique and wants, expects and needs different things.

That is why most men end up searching for the best relationship tips for men in order to treat their women and make her satisfied.

It is important to realize that most women and men have their unique needs. To be able to provide your woman with what she needs, you must understand her. Once you understand her, you can satisfy the woman you are in a relationship with.

So what are the best relationships tips that men must be aware of?

1. Communicate

Even though it may seem very hard for you to let her know what is going inside your head but this is very important.

Talk to her about your feelings and the confusion going in your head; walk her through the hidden resentment that you have bottled up due to your relationship.

This will help in working towards a healthier relationship.

2. Don’t take her for granted

Do not take your partner for granted.

Keep in mind that they are not indebted to do something for you. If she is cooking you something or cleaning, then don’t take her for granted and think that taking care of you is her duty.

It is not! She does it because she wants to not because she has to. 

3. Appreciate her

Every woman needs appreciation so learn to appreciate her with your sweet words

You love your women, and she is a very important part of your life but why do you have a hard time telling her that. Why don’t you express how you feel every now and then?

Every woman needs appreciation so learn to appreciate her with your sweet words and make her happy.

4. Surprise her

Every woman loves being surprised. It not only woos her away but makes her incredibly happy.

If you don’t surprise your girlfriend anymore, then you should start doing it. Surprised don’t mean very expensive jewelry or a trip to some posh place; you can surprise her by coming home early, buying flowers, getting her favorite cupcakes and more.

5. Don’t make her decisions yourself

This is a mistake most guys make when in a relationship.

Sure you are committed, and she is all yours, sure you pay for the bills and have a big financial role, but nothing gives you the right to make your wife’s decision yourself. You must remember this.

You do not own your partner, and you should never make her decisions without consulting her and asking for her opinion.

If a matter comes upon which you and your wife both disagree then sit down, discuss it and settle on a joint decision.

6. Don’t disrespect her by checking out other women

Don’t disrespect her by checking out other women

When in a crowded space, avoid looking at other girls with your girl around.

If you ogling at other girls, it is incredibly insulting and disrespectful. This creates insecurity in a relationship and soon gives birth to trust issues. Instead of ruining your relationship, keep your eyes on your women and let things go from there.

7. Be honest, but not brutally honest

Yes, it is important that you be very honest in your relationship but don’t be brutally honest.

Women can get very sensitive with criticism so sugarcoat your words and get the message across.

There is always a polite way to say a bad thing, use this way instead of being blunt.

8. Take part in romantic gestures

Just because she is with you and you won her over does not mean that you should stop wooing her. Even if you have been with each other for years indulge in romantic gestures, so something special frequently.

Arrange a candlelit dinner, have a movie night or go for a picnic. Do something that will make your girl smile.

9. Be manly by not walking away from the problems

Do not confuse manliness with macho-ness.

These are two different things- manliness is the positive qualities in man such as decisiveness, confidence, high-morals, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, etc. A man who is manly has the courage to deal with danger, problems, and pain in a relationship without walking away.

Even though every woman has different needs, they all want love, care, respect, and attention. These are the bases your relationship must stand on. Women are not hard to please, all you need to do is shower them with love, appreciate them, not take them for granted and they will be all yours.

If after years of following the footsteps of Homer Simpson you have come upon this article, then ask your wife if these are the things she wants, you will be surprised at her response.

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