Are You in a Healthy Relationship? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Healthy Relationship

Are you so comfortable in your current state of affairs in your relationship such that you cannot tell whether you are happy or not? A healthy relationship builds you, motivates you to explore your potentials and brings out your best. If you can hold a fight and still afford a smile at the end of the day then you are in the right relationship.

Have a look at the major signs that prove the healthy state of your relationship

Appreciate diversity in your partner

You don’t have to possess the same likes and dislikes. A good relationship gives you an opportunity to explore your diverse interests with ease. You love watching football while your spouse likes watching soap operas. When your partner encourages you to discover and go an extra mile to pursue your dreams without any interference then hold the relationship with passion.

You hold a productive life

Fighting or holding a controversial conversation is common in any honest relationship. It does not make a partner more superior than the other. A healthy relationship must allow partners to air their views without blame or judgment but in the end, you have to come to a compromise and argue with respect and love. If any argument tears your emotional growth, you are in a wrong relationship. If your feelings are also suppressed that is fear rather than respect- a dangerous sign for people in a relationship.

You have activities you enjoy doing as a couple

You may not have the same interest at the onset of your relationship. In fact, you blame each other on why they don’t take interest on your likes and dislikes; those are teething problems of a relationship, if with time you compromise and find activities you enjoy doing together then you are in the right relationship. It means you have the interest of each other at heart- a key parameter for married couples.

You maintain your social circle of friends as you accommodate new ones

Raise a concern when you have to abandon all your friends in the course of your relationship. In case you also only have mutual friends that is a bad sign in a relationship. The right relationship allows you to have your own friends whether same sex or opposite sex without causing any rift between the two of you. That means there is honesty and trust among the married couple.

You can keep your personality

You are two different people sharing a roof, ideas and offer one another companionship. A healthy relationship gives you the chance to be yourself; your partner should play a role to support you in being yourself rather than fight to change you to be who they want you to be. It is choking and leads to resentment and further bitterness. Psychologists look at it as a sign of insecurity and immaturity from the forceful partner.

You compliment one another

You have understood each other, you know how good or bad your partner can be. You have also noted one’s weaknesses and strengths. A good relationship must give you a chance to build one another. You are able to correct one another with love. When one rages with anger, your partner knows how to calm you in a way even your friends give you a hand of applause. When you hear comments like how do you deal with your partner? We have him difficult? You are on the right path in your relationship.

You have shared future plans together

How does it feel when your spouse keeps on talking with a selfish attitude? “I will build my house in this city?” Instead of ’’we need to think of building a house in this city” The notion of inclusivity in a relationship is significant to define your future rather than be a puppet in someone’s life. A partner who gives you a chance to include your opinion in his or her plans is a good sign of a commitment to being together up to old age.

You are attracted to each other

A good relationship escalates from infatuation to passion for your partner. You get attracted to him or her over and over again. In as much there are significant body changes due to childbirth or comfort that comes with the marriage relationship. You still find something of worth from your partner. Is it the wisdom or the level of thinking or the mind or spiritual connection with God? When you have nothing of substance from your partner, it is evident the relationship will not stand the test of time.

You may have some of these signs; you still have the hope of change in case there is commitment from both of you keep the marriage.