Key Lessons to Learn From Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

For seriously committed couples in the early months of their relationship, it is hard to think of anything other than the big wedding. Everyone’s looking forward to it and it’s easy to forget if you are really ready for marriage. However, approaching pre-marriage therapy when minor problems occur is a wise solution. In fact, couples with premarital education have higher levels of marital satisfaction and are less likely to divorce. If you’re still wondering if premarital counseling is worth it, we present 10 major reasons why you must opt for it and what are some key lessons to learn from it.


1. It helps you to know your role

Yes, premarital counseling helps you address and discuss about unspoken role expectations in the marriage. Many couples do not discuss their respective roles in the marriage that applies to career, finances, intimacy and kids. It encourages you and your spouse to have an honest discussion about what you expect from each other; this can lead to amazing surprises and a great marriage too.


2. It teaches you conflict resolution skills

Who doesn’t have tiffs and arguments in a relationship? At times couples do not know how to react in those heated moments where the other is yelling or abusing. Conflicts cannot be eliminated from a marriage but premarital counseling can equip you with the necessary skills to solve them. It teaches you to resolve conflicts in a productive and positive way. A counselor will guide you how to communicate effectively in order to reach a solution.


3. It helps in understanding your partner

Each individual comes from a different family background; with different perspectives on life and ways to deal with situations. Understanding your partner’s personality will help you understand their actions and thought process. With premarital counseling, you can focus on positive qualities of your partner and work on other areas together after the marriage.


4. It helps in learning effective communication skills

The most important aspect of a healthy marriage is effective communication. Effective communication can help in reducing a great deal of issues. In time, couples may feel that they have been taken for granted or may stop taking care of each other’s need. However, by communicating well, expressing your love and being a good listener to each other, couples can totally eliminate such problems and improve their marriage greatly.


During premarital sessions, sit together and discuss your issues with honesty. This can be a key to effective communication in future.  

5. It helps in keeping finances in control

Money is the biggest concern between couples in a marriage. Premarital counseling encourages you to create a budget later on, learn about your spouse’s spending habits and helps you avoid getting into money-related arguments.


Counselors can help you find out the credit of the person, loans and any outstanding balances you may not know about. Financial problems can be worked upon by approaching a marital counselor who can guide you in handling bank accounts and other such responsibilities.


6. It helps you to establish boundaries

Often we think that we know our beloved well, but we may not know about them completely. We may not be fully aware about their past or what their expectations are from the marriage. Premarital counseling sessions discuss things that do not occur in usual conversations. These sessions can help you in establishing healthy boundaries that encourage wholeness in life for you and your partner. It means treating ourselves with respect, and always being respectful towards your partner too. This eventually leads to happiness and enriches the marriage deeply.


7. It helps you to understand their family backgrounds

We all come from different family origins. We learn so much from our parents and other influencers that it gets difficult to understand what each other’s experiences have been. You enter into the marriage with different personalities and old ways of dealing with issues that later on gets hard to manage. Premarital counseling helps in this area. Counselors provide guidance to each individual so they can develop a better understanding of each other’s behavior.

8. It helps in making your marriage divorce-proof  

It is proven that premarital counseling is effective in divorce prevention. Couples that opt for premarital education have reported higher levels of marital satisfaction. They also experience a 30 percent decline in the likelihood of divorce over five years.


Therapy helps you in identifying your fears, teaches you skills to communicate well and empowers you with techniques that you can adopt to support each other.  


Premarital counseling is highly recommended for couples – It helps you to accept each other’s differences and teaches you to appreciate your significant other with generosity.