24 Things All Women Must Do Before Saying ‘I Do’

Things all women must do before saying ‘I Do’

Marriage is a big, big milestone for all women! And before tying the knot all women must do everything they can to be the very best they can ever be. Check out our list of must-do’s for all women before getting married.


1. Travel, travel, travel

Travel with your sister(s), closest buddy or anyone you adore and you will cherish the experiences for a lifetime. Make a list of the places you’d love to visit and just go for it. Even consider traveling solo – you’ll end up being a more liberated, happy and confident woman.  

Travel, travel, travel


2. Check your finances

Make sure to clean up your credit and achieve at least some of the financial goals that you’ve set for yourself. Invest in an asset that you’d be proud of after you’re married (like buying a house).

Check your finances


3. Live on your own

Just get out of your comfort zone and live alone (sans mom and dad). Not only is it an amazing experience, it will also teach you innumerable things.

Live on your own


4. Learn to cook  

Not because you’re aspiring to become someone’s ‘ideal wife’ but because it’s reassuring (and important) to know that you can fend for yourself in the kitchen and make yourself a hearty meal, whenever the occasion calls for it.

Learn to cook


5. Splurge on yourself
Because you deserve it. Since you work and work even harder to save some dough, it’s important that you spend it the way you like!

Splurge on yourself


6. Get in shape
Get your act together. Make a mission; a firm resolve to get in the shape by exercising and getting fit.

Get in shape


7. Pursue your hobbies
Think you’re good at something but never had the time to pursue it? Go for it now!! Like learning Spanish, photography, pottery or crochet.


Pursue hobbies


8. Learn important skills

Driving, for instance, is an important and essential skill you must know. Ditto for swimming. Make a list of skills that you always wanted to learn but could not yet. This will make you more confident and independent, than ever!   

Learn important skill


9. Overcome your fears
What are some of your biggest fears? Afraid of sleeping alone in the dark or anything else? Whatever it may be, acknowledge and try to overcome it, step by step.

Overcome your fears


10. Appreciate yourself more

This is something most women tend to ignore. Remember to appreciate your hard work & love yourself better.

Appreciate yourself


11. Experience heartbreak

Having our hearts broken and then repaired is an internal and hard journey. Eventually, it makes us stronger and much wiser than we ever were.

Experience heartbreak


12. Love your body
Love your body and treat yourself to an occasional splurge, mani-pedi, facial or whatever it is that you love. Give that beautiful body all it needs and desires.

Love ur body


13. Date around
Make the most of your single life by dating as many handsome hunks you can find! Be safe and have good fun!

Date around


14. Decide how you feel about children

Having kids can change your life, so reflect / discuss with your partner about having children.

Decide how you feel about children


15.  Make your career dreams come true

Passionate about entrepreneurship? Find your passion and make your career dreams come true.

Make your career dreams come true


16Focus on your education

Spend some time pre-marriage on getting your degree or degrees. Of course, education is forever and the learning must never cease – even after marriage.

Focus on education


17. Experiment with your looks

Marriage may curtail your fashion eccentricities. So, experiment as much as possible – think Gothic looks, funky hairstyles, the works!

Experiment with your looks


18. Learn a new language

Think Spanish, French or Persian! Expand your mind and have some fun with a new language.


Learn new language


19.  Get a pet 

Caring for another life, be it a dog or cat, and being responsible for it is absolutely amazing and rewarding.

Get a pet


20. Do 1 thing you always wanted to do 

Always wanted a tattoo? Do it now! Bungee-jumping? NOW is the time!

Do 1 thing you always wanted to do


21. Spend time with your family

Do make time for your folks and all extended loved ones. Remember to appreciate them and show your love.

Spend time with family


22. Dream big

What is it that you can’t do? Believe in yourself, always!

Dream big


23. Accept and love people as they are

Learn to accept and love people with their flaws! Remember, no one’s perfect.

Accept people as they are

24Be yourself, everyday 

Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself, every single day. Go seize the day!

Be yourself