How to Regain Trust in Your Partner After Infidelity

How to Regain Trust in Your Partner After Infidelity

A good Christian means a person who is committed to its beliefs in good and in bad times. The first thing you need to know is that all people make sins, no one is a saint, and only God himself is perfect. It is normal for everyone to experience moments of weakness and do something that they are not supposed to do. However, cheating is a serious violation of the marriage vows.

Lots of marriages dealing with infidelity face a divorce, but is it always necessary to divorce? Does God approve the divorce and does God want you to divorce? The answer to all this is NO. So how to deal with this situation?

If you are a devoted Christian, the following might answer some of your questions:

God has everything planned for you

The Bible says that God knows best, and He’s never wrong. Always have this in mind and know that everything happens for a reason. God is tempting you and your relationship to see if you can support your spouse in bad times like you do in good times.

There’s always a reason for everything, and there’s always an answer. Never give up on your partner and on your faith.

Unfaithful partners were tempted and failed to rise above that temptation, but is divorce the best option? Of course not. Should you forgive them? That’s for you to decide, but remember, God is merciful and forgiving.

How to deal with the situation

If your spouse is a devoted Christian like you are, then he or she surely knows that what they did was wrong. Use this difficult time to pray together and use your faith in God to overcome the obstacles.

Talk to your partner and make sure he or she feels regret. There are plenty of reasons why they did what they did and even though you might not like it, try to rise above your anger and disappointment and understand your partner. There is no need for revenge, fighting, and arguing. It is normal to feel devastated, frustrated and disappointed, but those feelings are temporary and will go away after a while.

Even though God wants to forgive you, make it clear that you are the victim in the situation. Your partner should offer you comfort and understanding for being angry, not the other way around.

Another option for those who trust their church minister is a confession. Let your spiritual guide help you through these hard times. He surely has experience with other couples that went down the same road and will help you deal with the situation.

Don’t forget what the Bible teaches

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” : Mark 10:9

“And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32

A good Christian can overcome everything. Believe in God and your marriage will be pure again.