Will My Wife Cheat Again Quiz

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Will My Wife Cheat Again Quiz
There are many different reasons why people cheat in a relationship, but not knowing what drives a person to cheat could create long-lasting feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and fear. If you don’t understand what caused it, how could you be sure it won’t continue to happen? If you are dedicated to fixing your marriage after your wife cheated, you need to be able to understand what led her to seek attention outside of your marriage and be able to trust that she isn’t going to let it happen again. If you remain unsure and tend to wonder - will my wife cheat again, take this short quiz to reveal if you should trust her or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. Is this the first time your wife cheated on you?

A. As far as I am aware

B. Yes

C. I’m really not sure

D. No, this has happened before

2. Has your wife explained the root cause of how/why it happened?

A. Yes, but I am not fully convinced

B. Yes

C. No, she hasn’t explained anything to me when I’ve asked questions

D. Not really, she mainly just made excuses

3. Do you believe your wife is truly remorseful for what has happened?

A. Yes, but I need more time to trust her

B. Yes, she truly is remorseful for her actions

C. No, I do not

D. I am not sure

4. Has your wife genuinely apologized?

A. I believe she has been sincere in her apology.

B. I 100% feel she was sincere and completely honest about everything that happened

C. Never

D. She has apologized, but I don’t believe it was genuine or sincere

5. Has your wife cut off all communication with this person?

A. We didn’t discuss that yet

B. Yes, she has

C. I am not sure; she hasn’t been willing to discuss it much

D. She says yes, but I don’t believe her

6. Do you feel like you could learn to trust your spouse again truly?

A. I hope so, but I am not sure

B. It will be a lot of work, but I think we can do it

C. I am not sure, and she is not helping by not even apologizing for it

D. I really don’t think I can this time

7. Is your wife willing to attend counseling both individually and with you?

A. I am not sure; we haven’t discussed it

B. Yes, she is

C. Not right now

D. She says she is, but we have done this before

8. Will you be able to let this go and not continue to hold it over her head or let it haunt your mind and heart forever?

A. I hope so

B. I believe that I can

C. I am not sure

D. I don’t think that I can

9. Will your family and friends support you in trying to reconcile your marriage?

A. I haven’t discussed it with them yet

B. Yes, they support me through whatever my decision is

C. I am not sure. They are frustrated because of how she is behaving.

D. I don’t think anyone will support me staying with her after this happened again

10. Do you think your marriage is worth saving?

A. I still think it is

B. Yes, I definitely do

C. I am not sure

D. Honestly, I don’t think it is anymore

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