The Purpose of Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Perhaps you have been wondering whether or not counseling is for you, and what exactly is the purpose of  counseling in a relationship? The relationship between a counselor and a client needs to be built on mutual trust and respect. The client is assured of complete confidentiality as the counselor provides a safe environment in which you, as the client, are able to express freely your feelings, your concerns, and your difficulties.


The counselor gives you enough time, is sensitive and compassionate, showing empathy and understanding as deep hurts and struggles are shared. As the relationship progresses, the counselor may ask open-ended questions in order to draw you out. At all times the counselor will listen actively, gently challenging you where appropriate and offering support throughout.


If you are struggling with anything that is affecting the quality of your life and your interactions with others, then counseling is recommended. The areas where counseling can be of great benefit are many and varied, depending on each individuals needs. Some of these areas may include depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, bereavement, marriage problems and anger management.


A counselor can show you the mirror

Counselors are non-judgmental and impartial, and will seek to reflect your worries and concerns in such a way that you are able to see your situation from another perspective. It’s a bit like taking a look in a mirror. Can you imagine what it must have been like before mirrors were invented? People may have had no idea what they looked like unless they went to look at their reflection in the river or lake. Sometimes we have something hurtful in our lives which is causing us a lot of trouble and we just can’t see it properly – like when you have a smudge of leftover breakfast on your cheek, or a bit of mushroom stuck between your front teeth, and you go into an important meeting like that. What you would need is a kind friend to gently take you to the mirror and show you what you need to do.


That is what a counselor is like. They help us to see the “smudges and snags” in our lives which are sapping our strength, robbing us of self esteem and confidence and preventing us from being the best we can be. The aim and purpose of every counseling relationship is to help the client reach a place where their sense of personal well being is restored.

Rosemary K. is a writer and mother of two who has studied theology and psychology. Having been in an abusive marriage for twenty-one years, she is now free to share what she has learned and is still learning. Her aim is to help those experiencing any form of abuse or co-dependency. She is passionate about healthy relationships which are truthful and loving.

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