Choose Your Relationship Counselor Carefully

Relationship Counselor

Relationship! You may have discovered at an early age that relationship is what it’s all about… From the moment you open your eyes, you are in a relationship with someone or other at some level or other. This is a basic fact of being a human; we were not meant to be alone, and our very existence is woven into the fabric of multiple interconnected relationships. These interwoven relationships can be like a net to catch us when we fall, but sometimes they can also feel like a trap, keeping us locked up, stressed and anxious.


Imagine you were to do a random, impromptu survey on a city street, and ask people “What is causing you the most stress in your life right now?” Chances are that a large percentage of the people would say it is a certain relationship in their lives. It may be with a spouse, a colleague or a family member.


Relationships are not always easy

Even in a “good” relationship those difficult, rocky moments are bound to come which need to be carefully navigated and overcome in order to continue the relationship in a healthy way. If not, a wedge comes in, driving you further and further apart, the longer you continue with the unresolved conflict between you.


None of us is born with a natural ability to solve relationship problems. For most of us it is an essential skill which we need to learn, either by trial and error, with much pain and struggling involved, or we can learn from those who have gone before us and made some of the mistakes already, dedicating themselves to learning skills to help others.
This is where a relationship counselor can be helpful.

A relationship counselor can be a great source of support

If you are struggling in your relationships, why keep banging your head against the wall and trying to figure something out for yourself. They say, if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same result. So why not admit that you need help and find someone who specializes in helping others to work on their relationships.


The relationship counselor you chose to confide in should be:


  • Someone with trustworthy qualifications
  • Someone who shares your religious or faith perspective
  • Someone who you can be comfortable with
  • Someone who is not focused on money; but instead helping you out
  • Someone who can persevere along with you.

If you are not happy with your choice, look for another until you find the right fit for you. Do not be discouraged. Persevere until you find the help that you need.

Rosemary K. is a writer and mother of two who has studied theology and psychology. Having been in an abusive marriage for twenty-one years, she is now free to share what she has learned and is still learning. Her aim is to help those experiencing any form of abuse or co-dependency. She is passionate about healthy relationships which are truthful and loving.

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