Would You Rather Relationship Questions Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 84
Would You Rather Relationship Questions Quiz
Have you ever asked yourself hypothetical “would you rather” questions about your relationship? Contemplating which path you would take in a specific scenario can help you gain a better understanding of what you truly want when it comes to romance. What matters to you most in a partner? What are some of your biggest deal breakers? You may think you have your love life all figured out, but these questions could leave you stumped. Take this ‘Would you rather relationship questions’ quiz to find out what kind of relationship best suits your dating style.

Questions Excerpt

1. Would you rather date someone who likes to party all the time, someone who likes to stay in, or someone who doesn’t mind doing both?

A. Party all the time

B. Stay in

C. Best of both worlds

2. Would you rather date someone with a crazy ex, someone who has children, or someone who has zero experience when it comes to dating?

A. A crazy ex

B. Children

C. Inexperienced

3. Would you rather date someone who snores loudly, someone who is very short, or someone your friends don’t like?

A. Someone who snores

B. Someone who is short

C. Someone that my friends don’t like

4. Would you rather find out your partner was cheating, be the one cheating on your partner, or be eternally single?

A. Find out I was getting cheated on

B. Be the one cheating on my partner

C. Single forever

5. Would you rather date someone who isn’t your type regarding their looks, personality, or morals?

A. Physical appearance

B. Personality

C. Morals

6. Would you rather date someone who doesn’t have a job, someone who doesn’t have a car or someone who doesn’t have any manners?

A. Someone without a job

B. Someone without a car

C. Someone without manners

7. Would you rather date someone who is overly clingy, someone who is selfish, or be in a long-distance relationship?

A. Clingy

B. Selfish

C. Long-distance

8. Would you rather marry someone for love, money, or so you won’t be alone?

A. I would marry for love

B. I would marry for money

C. I would marry to avoid being alone

9. Would you rather go on a date with someone new every night, settle down with your soulmate, or never date again?

A. Date a new person every night

B. Settle down with soulmate

C. Never date again

10.  Would you rather date someone terrible in bed, a bad kisser, or someone untrustworthy?

A. Bad in bed

B. Bad kisser

C. Untrustworthy

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