Would You Make A Good Wife Quiz?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 10229
Would You Make A Good Wife Quiz?
This question may strike some as being sexist, but in the end the fact it tries to discover is whether a woman is suited for marriage or not. Being married is a difficult task and sometimes it may feel overwhelming. This quiz will let you know whether you are ready for marriage or not and give you some hints on what a good wife should be like. If married life is not for you, simply don’t do it – there’s no problem with that!

Questions Excerpt

1. For how long do you keep scores and grudges?

A. 5 minutes

B. A few hours

C. A couple of days

D. At least a week

2. Do you lie to family and friends?

A. Never

B. Rarely just to save the situation

C. Occasionally

D. Frequently

3. Can you still respect your partner if you disagree on certain issues?

A. Totally

B. With a bit of effort

C. I tend to let go of that respect

D. No, not anymore

4. Do you like to take care of other people?

A. Yes, and I have volunteered in this field many times

B. I would like to try

C. Not a passion, but I can do it

D. No, I can't stand the idea of having someone to rely on me

5. Your husband comes home after having a day off and tends to take it all out on you. What is your reaction?

A. Tell him I understand his state of mind and suggest talking when he gets calmer

B. Tell him to stay away from me until he feels better

C. Ask him to leave home

D. Start a fight

6. Are you emotionally stable?

A. Like a rock

B. Most times

C. Not really

D. Not at all

7. How often do you nag and complain in a relationship?

A. Almost never

B. Maybe once a month

C. Every week

D. Very often

8. Your partner decides he wants to spend an evening with his best buddies. What is your opinion?

A. Great, it's important to give each other space

B. It's OK, I don't mind

C. Why would he need space?

D. What is he hiding and where is he actually going?

9. Do you find it easy to express your love, even during difficult periods?

A. Strongly agree

B. Rather agree

C. Rather disagree

D. Disagree

10. Do you enjoy cooking?

A. Very much

B. Yes, moderately

C. Not really

D. I hate it

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